Artist Alice Lenkiewicz returns to Plymouth for a stunning new exhibition

Judgement of Paris

Judgement of Paris - Credit: Archant

Alice is showcasing her latest collection at Bistro One until 7 December

Plymouth-born artist and curator Alice Lenkiewicz is currently showcasing her first exhibition at Bistro One in Plymouth.

The works, which will be on show and available for sale until 7 December, are a ten piece strong collection called Beauty, and are inspired by incidents and memories in her life. A few works have indicated memories of her father, artist Robert Lenkiewicz, as he was also a strong influence on her interest in art and design as she grew up and supported her in discovering her own style of art and introducing her to a variety of artistic styles and artists.

“He was a very informed person and we both enjoyed discovering art together. I owe much of my interest in contemporary and modern art to my father,” she says.

Alice’s style is what she describes as “possibly pop expressionism”, although she stresses that it cannot really be placed in one specific category.

“This is my own individual visual language that has grown out of my life experience and interests,” she explains.

The exhibition is full of figurative and more abstract pieces which have recently become more of a focus in Alice’s work.

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“I have had an unusual and varied life – there is so much to make reference to. I do enjoy paint and texture, and I have a fascination with assembling and piecing materials together and an interest in tone and colour.”

The 49-year-old currently runs her own gallery in Liverpool, but was invited to exhibit in her hometown.

“I was delighted that Stephen invited me to exhibit in his bistro in Plymouth. I have fond memories of the city and it was challenging to direct my work towards memories of my childhood and growing up in Plymouth and nearby in Cornwall. I see exhibiting in Plymouth as another step in my art career as a dedicated and committed artist on my journey.”

Further works by Alice can be seen on her website, and at Saatchi Online, She is also showing other artwork at The Armada Gallery, The Barbican.

Bistro One, 68 Erbington Street, Charles Cross, Plymouth PL4 9AQ