Autumn Wools

A variety of wools

A variety of wools - Credit: Archant

Promotional feature: As the nights draw in and the temperatures begin to drop, there’s no better time to add that extra bit of warmth to your home. Alice Foulsham of Just Fabrics explains the advantages of using such an attractive, versatile and environmentally friendly material inside your home.

Upholstered wool

Upholstered wool - Credit: Archant


The selection of wools available in the Interiors sector of Just Fabrics has grown hugely over the years; so much so, that whichever colour scheme you are planning, you are guaranteed to find wool that suits. My personal favourite is the Balmoral Heather fabric, pictured above on an occasional chair. It has just enough colour to lift it, making it a soft, subtle wool that co-ordinates with purples, blues, greys and neutrals. A great way to start a project is to pick a fabric for either upholstery or curtains and then pick out the colours within that fabric for the walls and accessories.


Wools are a fantastic choice for interiors, for many different reasons. To start with, wools are inherently fire retardant, which makes them perfect for upholstery, as they do not need to be treated. Wool is being used for duvets and mattresses more and more now for exactly this reason. It also has excellent flexibility; it will return to its natural shape despite being stretched 30%, resulting in a pleasing appearance, even over long periods of time.

Low Maintenance

The structure of the wool fibres mean that dirt does not penetrate into the fabric, but sits on top, making it extremely easy to clean with a vacuum and therefore very low maintenance. The fibres also adjust to the temperature and humidity of the room, which deters dust mites from nesting in the fabric.

Wool / Photo: Jon Bradley Photography

Wool / Photo: Jon Bradley Photography - Credit: Jon Bradley Photography

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Wool is well known for its insulating properties. It is popular for both curtains and blinds as it dramatically reduces the draught felt from single glazed traditional windows, especially when lined with interlining or thermal lining, whilst also complimenting the features of older houses. Wool is very popular in hot climates such as Australia, as unlike other insulating fabrics, it reacts to heat, so is great for hot and cold weather.


The Campaign For Wool was launched in 2010 to promote the environmental benefits of this natural, renewable and biodegradable fabric, by Prince Charles. Since its launch, there has been a large increase in the price farmers receive for their wool. I think it is safe to say that as the world becomes more and more aware of how important it is to be ‘eco-friendly’, wool will be at the forefront of not only textiles for interiors but the fashion industry too.


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