Award-winning artisan cheeses produced in Mayfield

Nicholas Walker

Nicholas Walker - Credit: Archant

At their farm in Mayfield, East Sussex, Arthur Alsop and Nicolas Walker make award-winning artisan cheeses, one of which was served at the Royal wedding breakfast

Arthur Alsop

Arthur Alsop - Credit: Archant

Arthur Alsop and Nicholas Walker make artisan cheeses at their farm in Mayfield, East Sussex. “Originally Nicholas and I were looking for premises to open a specialist beef restaurant in London,” says Arthur. “After looking at nearly 30 premises and not managing to find something suitable, we came across a cheese factory. We took the business over, moved production into some new buildings, changed the recipes and developed new cheeses.”

Alsop & Walker aim to produce a complete range of handmade cheese that will do everything from introducing it into the diet of the youngest in the family to satisfying the adults. “Having both come from a catering background we were able to build from our experience in the trade, and from the knowledge that came with the company we were able to start making cheese very quickly,” says Arthur. “Our cheeses have their own special flavour, texture and character. Sussex Blue was the first cheese we made. We now make 14 different cheeses, ranging from soft moulded whites to blue through to hard matured.”

The company produces 750 kilos of cheese every week and their most popular is Mayfield, “which looks like a emmental with its large holes but tastes a lot sweeter and creamier,” says Arthur. Mayfield took a Gold Medal at the World Cheese Awards. “Our other very popular cheese is Lord London, a soft white moulded cheese in the shape of a dome. It was one of the cheeses used at the Royal wedding breakfast and took a silver medal in the World Cheese Awards,” says Arthur. “The Mayfield is so versatile, whether served on a cheese board or used in a fondue. Lord London is also great on a cheese board, fantastic for making cauliflower cheese or lovely served as a starter, sliced onto a bed of salad leaves with dry toasted almonds and a drizzle of vinaigrette, accompanied by a glass of Prosecco.”

You can’t make cheese in a hurry and many take weeks or months to produce. “Lord London is ready for dispatch within three weeks, whereas the Blue takes 12 weeks and the Mayfield six months,” says Arthur.

In the future Alsop & Walker would like to continue to expand nationally and increase production. All of their cheeses are available from local delicatessens across Sussex and a retail outlet at Borough Market in London. The cheese can also be sent out by carrier if a order is phoned or emailed on 01825 831810 or; 01825 831 810