Battles and Dynasties - 800 year anniversary of the Battle of Lincoln showcases the Nation’s Greatest Treasures

The exhibition includes some of the nation’s most treasured artefacts and original works of art

The exhibition includes some of the nation’s most treasured artefacts and original works of art - Credit: Archant

A collection of precious treasures, curated by Lord Cormack, Chairman of the Historic Lincoln Trust, has been brought together to commemorate the 800th year anniversary of the Battle of Lincoln. It is an incredible collection, representing history dating to the time of William the Conqueror, through to the present day

Domesday Book in Lincoln Castle

Domesday Book in Lincoln Castle - Credit: Archant

Running until 3rd September, the Exhibition is housed in two venues, the David P J Ross Magna Carta Vault in Lincoln Castle, and The Collection Museum, Lincoln. It includes some of the nation’s most treasured artefacts and original works of art, many of which are part of private collections and so have never been on public display.

The collection includes the Domesday Book, Queen Victoria’s throne, and on loan from Her Majesty The Queen’s private collection, a triple painting of Charles I by Van Dyck, and Holbein’s drawing of Anne Boleyn, along with that of John Fisher, Bishop of Rochester.

Further outstanding royal portraits, including those of Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria and our current Monarch, are included as well as others, from the National Archives, the British Library, the Lambeth Palace Library, the British Museum, the National Portrait Gallery, the Society of Antiquaries, Eton College and many other public and private collections in this country.

Lord Cormack commented: ‘The most outstanding of all the treasures we will be showing is Domesday Book. Never, in almost 950 years, has it been displayed anywhere in the provinces. Domesday Book is, in effect, the birth certificate of Norman England, a detailed inventory of land and landholdings throughout England produced in 1086. But the appearance of Domesday Book in Lincoln, a truly memorable landmark in our city’s and county’s history, should not detract from the interest and splendour of the other exhibits.’

Tudor binding for Domesday Book

Tudor binding for Domesday Book - Credit: Archant

Other fascinating documents include The Bill of Attendair, which led to the deaths of Katherine Howard, the fifth wife of King Henry VIII, and the Death Warrant of Mary, Queen of Scots, and a prayer book, taken to The Battle of Bosworth in 1485, by Richard III.

A manuscript from the life of the great William Marshal, one of the two heroes of the Battle of Lincoln written less than a decade after his death in 1219 has been loaned for display from The Pierpoint Morgan Library in the United States, along with his seal and that of the other hero of the battle of Lincoln, Nicola de la Haye, Constable of the Castle.

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This sumptuous and memorable feast of exhibits - manuscripts, documents and portraits, has been made possible by the generous sponsorship of the David Ross Foundation, Investors in Lincoln, and a number of other companies and individuals.

To book tickets for both venues, please go to

Entry to The Collection Museum is free and the entry to the Exhibition here costs £6 per adult (children £4 and concession £5) Entry to Lincoln Castle Magna Vault is included with entry to Lincoln Castle, and costs £13.50 per adult (children 5 – 12 years £7.20, under 5 is free, and concession £11)