Be inspired by Paul Dunn on September 4

Paul Dunn

Paul Dunn - Credit: Archant

An inspiring seminar with Paul Dunn entitled ‘Inspire’ is coming to Gloucester Rugby Club on September 4, 2013, 9.15am-12.45pm

Paul Dunn, one of the top international business gurus, is coming to Gloucestershire.

Tayabali Tomlin are giving businesses the chance to listen to and meet an inspirational, motivational speaker who is heralded as ‘The best speaker I have ever seen’ by UK Entrepreneur of the Year, Steve Pipe.

Paul Dunn is here to give insights in how to transform and grow our businesses. This will be an exciting, inspiring and most of all entertaining seminar. Paul will be focusing on the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility and how vital it is for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). His talk will cover:

• How to set your company apart in simple ways so that you become the ‘go-to’ business in your industry.

• How to avoid the ‘lowest-cost supplier’ syndrome and turn your business into the ‘preferred’ supplier.

• How to turn your enterprise into an ‘ETI’ - an Enterprise That Inspires.

Most Read

• How entrepreneurs build ‘Moments of Connection’ into every business process in the most surprising (and very small) ways.

• How to make sure you connect in an entirely different and deeper way with existing and potential customers.

• How to do it for absolutely zero cost; you will be surprised at how it’s done.

• Why generosity makes so much difference and how to embed it right into the DNA of your business.

• How to leverage what you’re doing to make an even more profound difference …… just by doing what you normally do.


Flipping Business on its Head

You’ve probably sensed it - kind of like a ripple that’s about to build into a wave.

You look around and you see some businesses getting amazing growth. And you see that happening while others are struggling. So you try even harder. You push more... and you end up getting less. The only ‘more’ you get is more frustrated. And that just makes you push even more. And that makes you get even less.

Customers are leaving some businesses in droves yet flocking easily to others.

And according to business guru Paul Dunn, it all comes down to one word: connection. “Importantly, that’s not ‘connection’ in the sense of an electronic or social media one, it’s so much deeper than that,” he said in a special Cotswold Life phone interview.

He goes on to explain that the connection is really split into 3 things; connection to yourself, connection to your team and then a deep connection with you customers. “And it has to be in that order,” he says. “And when you get it right, the results are simply astonishing; business owners frequently talk abut these ideas helping them to literally transform their businesses.”

“That first part - connecting to ourselves - is really crucial. It’s being able to articulate precisely WHY you get up each morning, precisely WHY you do what you do.”

Dunn, who’s flying in from Singapore to present several events in the Cotswolds, says that this element is a central part of each event. “When business owners really get it, and they will at the events, it changes everything. They get a new focus, a new energy and more ‘flow’ about what they do.”

During the events, Dunn builds on that core with example after example of low if not zero-cost ideas that delegates get to implement immediately. And part of that is seriously (Dunn’s word) deepening the connection with customers through involving them in what he refers to as ‘the real business purpose’.

He says that’s wonderfully expressed locally by Tayabali Tomlin, the ‘Accounting for Entrepreneurs’ firm in Cheltenham. A page on their website puts it this way:

“We believe in an inclusive society. For us, helping our clients succeed – and succeeding ourselves – brings with it a social responsibility. A duty towards those who may be less fortunate. Because business should have the power to change everyone’s lives.

That’s why we’ve embedded giving into everything we do.”

Dunn leads a movement worldwide that allows businesses to do precisely that and he’ll be talking about that too as part of the events.

The Tayabali Tomlin team have themselves seen Paul live many times and always leave feeling inspired and invigorated. They are in turn supporting his trip to Gloucestershire at Gloucester Rugby Club, so that other like-minded entrepreneurial companies can benefit from his expertise.


The major event, appropriately called ‘INSPIRE’ takes place at Gloucester Rugby Club on September 4. Seats are just £60 per person. You can book them directly right here: