Behind the scenes at filming of the action packed Hilary Meredith Solicitors advert

One of many double roll-overs

One of many double roll-overs - Credit: Archant

Lawyer does all her own stunts in groundbreaking advert

A personal injury lawyer became a stunt woman and actress for the day as she filmed a new television advert for her law firm.

Hilary Meredith, CEO at Hilary Meredith Solicitors took her commitment to clients to a whole new level, harnessing up to film a simulated car crash that involved 24 double roll-overs in a rigged vehicle.

Produced by Little Orchard Media, the advert took a continual 12 hours to film with the help of a production team of 12 at Manchester’s Sharp Project.

The car crash was enacted using a BMW that was adapted and rigged to perform double rolls to create the impression it was under impact. The rig and set had to be specially built and took 4 weeks to complete.

The advertisement was filmed using the same hi-spec equipment used to film multimillion pound blockbusters such as Harry Potter and Star Trek.

In preparation for the advert, Hilary underwent intensive training from world famous stuntman Riky Ash. Riky has over 20 years’ experience as a Stuntman, Stunt Co-coordinator and Actor in TV commercials, as well as programmes and movies such as Sleepy Hollow, Tomorrow Never Dies and This Is England.

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With over 500 industry credits to his name, Riky is a safe, reliable and relaxed person to work with – exactly what was needed to put Hilary at ease on the day.

His previous achievements have even been recognized in the Guinness Book of Records.

Before becoming a solicitor, Hilary was one of the UK’s leading trampolinist and was a reserve for the British Team before injury curtailed her sporting career. However, that training helped stand her in good stead for the gruelling demands of her day as a stuntwoman.

She said: “During training and filming I learnt that a keen sense of spatial awareness – and an ability to tolerate serious motion – were necessities in order for the advert to work. My previous athletic background really prepared me well and I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the driving seat.”

After training Hilary was strapped into a five point harness within the car, where she delivered lines to camera whilst the car was rolled over, twice at a time. Over the course of the day she experienced 24 double rolls in the car – and at one point was left hanging upside down after a cable became caught in the rigging.

“My daughter Charlotte, studying for a degree in Marketing and Advertising, was given the opportunity to have hands-on experience as a runner on set for the day” added Hilary.

“The day was physically and mentally draining and I couldn’t have done it without the expert knowledge and support of the team at Little Orchard as well as Riky Ash – they really had everything covered.

Charlotte Meredith – runner on set for the day “Throughout my entire legal career I have sought to go as far as I possibly can for my clients. Whether it is a car crash as in the advert, or a military incident, or an accident at work, when our clients’ worlds are falling apart we are here to stay calm and secure the best outcome for them.

“With over two thirds of our new cases self-generated from our brand reputation we are hoping to continue our momentum with this new campaign. We are a different kind of law firm – the caring face of compensation - and we hope that the TV advert expresses this.”

Little Orchard Media is a TV, film and video production company with a team boasting almost 40 years experience in sales, brand and marketing campaigns.

Following a competitive pitch for the production of the advert, Hilary quickly saw that the vision and imagination of the team at Little Orchard would produce an advert that was audience engaging as well as delivering the right message. Adam Bates, Creative Director at Little Orchard Media said: “Normally for adverts like this we use professional actors and stunt people.

Hilary wanted to do it herself and she was phenomenal, better that some of the experts we have used previously and with far more tenacity! “She has a real ‘can-do’ attitude and showed great courage and resilience during filming.

It is clear to all that she takes such a close and personal interest in all her cases and never ducks a challenge – she is really shaking up the legal marketplace. It was a fantastic day and the end result is one that Hilary can certainly be proud of.”

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