Bespoke painted furniture

White painted furniture creates a serene look in bedrooms

White painted furniture creates a serene look in bedrooms - Credit: Archant

Promotional feature Transform your house into a home with a bespoke piece of furniture from The Painted Furniture Company

Create a statement with brighter colours of painted furniture

Create a statement with brighter colours of painted furniture - Credit: Archant

The trend for painted furniture in the world of interiors has grown in popularity over the past few years and shows no sign of disappearing. It’s not surprising given the flexibility of being able to create customised pieces of furniture to suit your home and décor.

One retailer that was quick to spot a gap in the market for high quality bespoke painted furniture is The Painted Furniture Company. The couple behind the business, Adam and Rosie Brown, own Cotswold Living of Cirencester, a shop specialising in quality solid oak furniture, and have added to their existing portfolio of furniture by creating The Painted Furniture Company.

Adam says: “The shop’s been here for over a decade and has serviced the local market very happily. We launched The Painted Furniture Company two years ago as an e-commerce specific brand because we found that when we introduced a few of the painted pieces in Cotswold colours that they were very well received in the shop.

“Rather than opening a dozen more shops we thought we’d do something more specific that would be our niche and we could become the experts at. So, we did a bit of exploring and found that traditionally painted furniture has been cheap horrible pieces that have been painted to cover up a world of ills. We decided to do it the other way round and source quality furniture that’s been designed and built properly and then paint it,” adds Adam.

Off-white shades are perfect for country-style properties

Off-white shades are perfect for country-style properties - Credit: Archant

Since The Painted Furniture Company launched it has grown from strength to strength and operates nationally with deliveries stretching from Scotland down to Essex, Kent and Devon. The first painted pieces included a dining table, chairs and sideboard set made from solid oak and available in a selection of colours. It was a limited range to begin with but the Cotswold collection now covers 30-40 pieces including bedroom and living room sets.

“The market for painted furniture is still very much stronger in the bedroom sector but what has made the real difference is the ability to buy quality living and dining furniture and still have the choice to have it painted to match the latest trends,” says Adam.

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The extensive collection of different styles of furniture coupled with the ability to choose the colours means the pieces work in a variety of property types from urban loft apartments to country cottages.

White and ivory remain popular colour choices but shades of sage greens and greys are also becoming classic options. “We try and clearly convey that there is a choice of colours available and give people as many tools as we can to enable them to see in an online environment how using different colours can help them choose something individual,” says Adam.

Soft grey tones work well for kitchen sets

Soft grey tones work well for kitchen sets - Credit: Archant

Along with viewing the selection of colourways on the website, customers can visit the Cirencester showroom to see the furniture collections. The showroom is housed in a beautiful Cotswold property brimming with period features and is an inviting space to explore the different room sets.

Adam says having a showroom is important for online businesses. “There’s an ongoing debate about whether the high street is dead and the answer is you need both. The showroom wouldn’t work without a strong e-commerce brand behind it and likewise a solid internet presence needs a showroom where people can come and see the furniture and check that the colours are right.”

Adam and Rosie frequently welcome visitors who have travelled often quite considerable distances to view the furniture. “Many people will still not make the kind of investment that is required when furnishing a home without seeing the product and why would you. But, we can’t have 15 showrooms throughout the country and still give the value we do so a lot of people are happy to make the journey. The fact that we’re in Cirencester helps as it’s not difficult to persuade someone that it’s worth having a day out in the Cotswolds!” enthuses Adam.

Visit The Painted Furniture Company online shop or the Cirencester showroom to see the collections available.