Break Free offers treatments for adults suffering from childhood trauma and addiction.

Madeline Small from Break-Free

Madeline Small from Break-Free - Credit: Archant

Break-Free offers advice, counseling and workshops for adults affected by childhood trauma and addiction.

Anne Ellis from Break-Free

Anne Ellis from Break-Free - Credit: Archant

Break-Free is a new business based in Barnoldswick. They offer highly effective therapies for adults suffering from emotional/relational problems that stem from childhood trauma issues and/or addiction. All childhood trauma fuels adult dysfunction, causing issues such as relationship difficulties, depression, anxiety, addiction and eating disorders.

The Childhood Trauma Reduction Workshop provided at Break-Free is unique to the North currently only found in England, at such places as The Priory North London and Harley Street. Madeline was initially responsible for supporting management at The Priory, to implement this ground breaking model to their treatment programme.

The model was pioneered by Pia Mellody and is delivered at the nation’s premier treatment facility for addiction and trauma issues, The Meadows Arizona, where Madeline trained. She continues to occasionally deliver the trauma workshop at The Priory, also working in conjunction with David Smallwood, of One40 Harley St, London.

This workshop works well with other traditional psychotherapys to improve outcomes.

With their therapies, Break-Free offers a cost effective alternative to long term addiction/trauma treatment. For those with family and work commitments, the 5 day workshop can be tailored to run over the weekend period, in contrast to many treatment centres that demand longer periods away.

For those not wishing to access local community drug and alcohol services, Break-Free provide a 1-1 professional counselling service for addiction (face to face/telephone/skype). They also offer holistic therapies, Auricular Acupuncture and EFT. Mindfulness practices are also included in the workshop.

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During our trauma workshop, not only do people gain much knowledge, find release and healing, but they are also provided with essential skills and techniques that will empower them to carry on the work for themselves. This has a tremendous impact on people’s life/relationships and brings freedom to truly be themselves and achieve their life goals.

Break-Free will also be providing one day workshops in addiction/childhood trauma, and along with the 5 day Trauma Reduction Workshop, can bring these services to the practitioners/institutes venue of choice.

Madeline and Anne who make up Break-Free are both survivors of childhood trauma and addiction themselves. They understand the fear, anger, deep emotional pain and shame that adult sufferer’s experience. Madeline and Anne are delighted to be able to introduce, and offer these services to the North of England. If you are suffering, Break-Free can help you.


The Rainhall Centre

Rainhall Road


BB18 5DR

Tel: 01282 345092