Business Profile - Balanced Being Veterinary Centre

Balanced Being Veterinary Centre

Balanced Being Veterinary Centre - Credit: Archant

Balanced Being Veterinary Centre offers integrative veterinary care of the highest standard predominantly for small animals however we do also offer a specialist alternative medicine referral service for equines.

Whilst we have a particular interest in racehorses & the performance horse we treat horses of all shapes and sizes. Our ethos is to provide veterinary care & preventative medicine tailored to the needs of the individual animal & the circumstances & requirements of you, the owner. The integrative approach includes conventional medicine with diagnostics & surgery as well as homeopathy & acupuncture.

All treatments are provided in relaxed surroundings designed to put your animal at ease and avoid the negative experience which can often be associated with ‘going to the vets’. At Balanced Being, no two days are the same. Animal care can involve anything from cut pads that require stitching, to the more serious cases of road traffic accidents.

No matter how much we try to ensure our pet’s safety, at times these unfortunate incidents just do happen. However, their all-important routine healthcare is within all pet owners’ control & is available at our practice. Whether you are an experienced owner or have just acquired your first pet, it is beneficial to be aware of developments in the animal world & what is required to help your pets stay healthy & happy.

New parasites appear like Lungworm & recent increases in cases of Parvovirus, shows us we must never become complacent. Maintaining effective basic preventative care for your pets provides a solid foundation for their overall health. A suitable diet, weight control, regular exercise, dental care, health checks, vaccinations, flea & worming treatments, all play a major part in the general well-being of your pets.