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Derby Private Hospitals

Derby Private Hospitals - Credit: Archant

Since its opening in October 2013, Derby Private Health continues to go from strength to strength.

Derby Private Hospitals

Derby Private Hospitals - Credit: Archant

Providing a full and comprehensive range of services in all surgical, medical and diagnostic specialties within a safe, clean and comfortable environment, Derby Private Health are proud to support our local NHS by reinvesting private patient income back into Derby Hospitals.

Derby Private Health is available to both insured and self-paying patients and provides exceptional standards of personal care, ensuring patients receive first class, hotel services in the safest possible environment.

Based at the Royal Derby Hospital, Derby Private Health patients can enjoy the comfort and benefits associated with private healthcare, together with the reassurance and clinical support of a large, modern NHS hospital.

You will have the confidence that only a large multi-professional organisation can bring. With full access to intensive care and experienced healthcare professionals with modern up-to-date equipment at their disposal, you’ll know you’re in safe hands.

The most modern private facilities in the East Midlands

As well as outstanding clinical care, you can also expect exceptional service:

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large, stylish en-suite bedrooms, with free WiFi

a dedicated nursing team

unrestricted visiting hours

Derby Private Hospitals

Derby Private Hospitals - Credit: Archant

delicious meals

minimal waiting times

convenient access and complimentary parking

“Enjoy the comfort and benefit associated with private healthcare, with the reassurance and clinical support of a modern NHS hospital”

Mr Andrew Dickenson, Consultant Surgeon

Patient quotes

“There is nothing you can fault at DPH. All the staff have been courteous, friendly and professional, which has prompted my quicker recovery form major surgery”

Derby Private Health

Derby Private Health - Credit: Archant

“First class nursing care in an extremely friendly environment”

“The best healthcare we have ever had”

Why wait? Start your recovery with us today, ask your GP to refer you to Derby Private Health

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Open evenings and the latest treatment techniques

Cutting Edge Treatments for Varicose veins

Derby Private Health is pleased to announce a service for the treatment of varicose veins and thread veins led by Mr Richard Wilson, Consultant Vascular Surgeon.

The service involves a single clinic appointment including an ultrasound scan. This allows for accurate diagnosis and informed discussion around a personalised treatment plan.

Patients will be treated in Derby Private Health’s own specialist treatment room. Treatments involve ultra modern clinic based pin-hole local anaesthetic techniques including endovenous radiofrequency. The clinic also offers options for cosmetic thread veins and spider veins including sclerotherapy. Patients are able to “walk-in” and “walk-out” after these treatments.

“I feel very privileged to apply the knowledge, skill and experience I gained in Adelaide and London to my Derbyshire clinics. These techniques combine minimal scars, minimal time off work and excellent outcomes.”

Mr Richard Wilson, Consultant Vascular Surgeon

Come and find out more at one of our Varicose Veins Open Evenings. Visit our website for forthcoming events.

Cosmetic Surgery Treatments

Derby Private Health provides private cosmetic procedures within the safe environment of a modern NHS hospital.

The service is led by our fully registered consultant plastic and cosmetic surgeons, Miss Mary O’Brien and Mr Peter Russell who welcome your questions and enquiries.

“I am delighted to be part of a service which offers bespoke Cosmetic Surgery within the brand new, first rate facilities of the Royal Derby Hospital knowing that this provides reinvestment into frontline NHS services and staff for all patients.”

Mary O’Brien Consultant Cosmetic Surgeon

Cosmetic procedures include:

• Breast enlargement

• Breast reduction

• Breast uplift

• Inverted nipple correction

• Tummy tuck

• Upper eyelid reduction

• Prominent ear reshaping

• Split ear lobe correction

• Excision of moles / skin lesions / tattoos

• Scar revision

• Upper arm reduction

• Non-surgical face-lift

Building on the success of our recent open evenings, we are pleased to announce a further free event for patients interested in cosmetic and non-surgical treatments to enhance appearance and boost self-confidence.

Before going ahead with Cosmetic Surgery it is important to explore the options available and get the advice you need.

Join us at our Cosmetic Surgery Open Evening where one of our highly qualified cosmetic surgeons will give you an insight into cosmetic treatments, expected results and recovery expectations.

There will be an opportunity for you to ask questions during and after the presentations with a free one-to-one, mini consultation.

Cosmetic Surgery Open Evening on Friday November 7th 2014 at 7:00pm

Our open evenings are very popular and places are limited so please call or visit our website to reserve your place:

01332 785858

Anti-ageing breakthrough

Visage Surgical Aesthetics (Logo)

Non-Surgical Treatments with Surgical Precision at Derby Private Health

Facial Rejuvenation, Sweating and Migraine treatments

Visage Surgical Aesthetics provides a comprehensive service including treatment for facial rejuvenation, excess sweating and migraine, all provided by a highly experienced, fully qualified Consultant Surgeon.

Services are provided through Derby Private Health at the Royal Derby Hospital

Rejuvenation Treatments

Expert facial rejuvenation treatments using only the best anti-wrinkle injectables. We are also pioneers in the UK for a brand new face-lift technique without surgery! The Time Net

Sweating Treatments

Effective treatment for excessive body, underarm and forehead sweating. Getting you dry – fast

Migraine Treatments

Effective prophyalaxis against migraine and chronic headache.

For more information visit

Tel; 01283 529129 or Derby Private Health 01332 785858