Celebrities and royalty gear up for the Cartier Queen’s Cup 2013 at the Guards Polo Club, Egham

Mr Bamberger and Mr Le Troquer with HRH The Queen

Mr Bamberger and Mr Le Troquer with HRH The Queen - Credit: Archant

Bringing glamour and elegance to the hallowed turf of Guards Polo Club in Egham, the Cartier Queen’s Cup attracts a host of top celebrities and royalty. In fact, the trophy was first presented by The Queen in 1960 and she historically attends Finals Day – this year on Sunday June 16. Here, Arnaud Bamberger, executive chairman of Cartier UK, shares his love of polo

To someone with no experience of polo, what is it that you most love about the sport?

The king of sport, the sport of kings. Polo is a charming sport, routed in tradition, prestige, and international history; the sport was actually used originally to train cavalries and can be dated back over 2,000 years! It is thought to have been played by Emperors of ancient Asia and Egypt to train the horses. I believe that a certain romanticism resides in anything with such a rich history as that, which compliments Cartier’s own heritage, and indeed my own admirations for history.

Do you have a top tip for someone experiencing the sport for the first time?

My top tip would be to enjoy the game! The Cartier Queen’s Cup is a wonderful event – and do join in for the stomping down of the divots when invited on to the pitch in the interval!

What do you most look forward to about your events at Guards Polo Club every year?

I always look forward to being outside in the sunshine with my friends. It’s one of the earlier events of the season and it’s a great thing to be able to welcome so many people to such a landmark in the calendar. Then, of course, I always look forward to congratulating the winners and handing out the awards with Her Majesty The Queen. It’s a great honour to be a part of the ceremony and of such an esteemed culture.

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Do you have a favourite story from your events at the club over the years?

One story in my mind always seems to amuse; I forget the year, but it was when the Royal Box still had the glass roof. Well, true to the English summer, the weather had surprised us all and a monumental heat wave has befallen upon the game. I had turned up in my suit and a light blue shirt and by the middle of the match my lovely shirt had turned a navy blue. Of course, it was out of the question to remove my jacket, or indeed myself from that conservatory of a Royal Box so I persevered, albeit perspiring. I remember quite clearly glancing over at HM The Queen, expecting to share a look of understanding and empathy for the situation; there she was, full dress, long gloves, and a hat, but the picture of composure. I couldn’t believe it! What a professional.

Is there something in particular that you’re most looking forward to this year?

This year is the penultimate year before our 30th anniversary celebration; I’m looking forward to another successful season, enjoying the social side to the sport, as well as the game itself!

...and, for the celeb spotters among our readers, who are you hoping will attend this year?

I am hoping to see amongst our usual celebrity fans, Kate Hudson, Chris Martin, Emma Watson, and Eddie Redmayne. I always look forward to welcoming Her Majesty The Queen and The Royal Family as well.

• For more information and tickets to this year’s event, visit www.guardspoloclub.com