Cheshire Asian wedding - Sharine Noor and Mofozzul Hussain


Sitar and tabla players and Manchester-based dhol players Dhol Phenomena.UK provided entertainment at the marriage of Sharine Noor and Mofozzul Hussain. Around 1,200 guests travelled from around the world to witness the ceremony, the first Asian wedding to take place at Chester Racecourse.

At the traditional ceremony, the groom, Mofozzul, was asked by children from the bride's family to pay a voluntary fee to enter, as is customary. The bride wore an intricate hand made outfit from India complete with thousands of Swarovski crystals as well as having her make-up done by an Indian artist. Both the bride and groom wore garlands of fresh flowers

The couple were served sweets from two gold plates bought especially from Dubai. Two people were brought up from London for the specific task of holding the gold plates and red carpets were sourced from India.

Guests included local dignitaries including Cheshire councillors and the University of Chester's vice chancellor.

Sureya Noor, the bride's mum, said: 'It was an amazing day with 1,200 guests. We have already had lots of letters from people. We were pleased that so many people could share it with us. It was a beautiful event and we are very happy.'

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