Choosing a third-party technical services partner

Paul Bonner

Paul Bonner - Credit: Archant

Promotional feature: Paul Bonner, Group Head of Technology at Hardware Group, discusses why some businesses should use a third party technical services partner, and the top 5 credentials when selecting one.

As networks become increasingly complex, replacing or upgrading equipment is creating new challenges and pressures on in-house technical teams. No business can afford to encounter problems during an installation phase, as rectifying mistakes can be costly.

Fixing network problems is disruptive, takes up valuable in-house technical resource and diverts time away from more strategic tasks that could increase profit margins. This can be especially problematic when an organisation’s technical team is a small one. In addition, the skill-sets now required from engineers in order to complete these increasingly complex installations smoothly and without hitches are vast – and this may mean long, and costly, training sessions.

Increasingly, businesses are looking to specialist third-party technical service providers who are able to work with them on projects, thereby leaving their own technical teams to focus on more high-level issues. The advantages are clear, as third-party technical teams can be called upon as required to provide a wide variety of services including surveys, audits, consultancy, project management, data migration, virtualisation and installation services.

But what should a customer look for when identifying a technical services partner? Whilst this is not yet a ‘crowded’ market, there are more and more companies offering these services. So when faced with multiple options, all jostling for your custom, how do you differentiate between them? What should you look for when picking your technical services partner?

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