Companies under-using website resources, survey finds

Websites are seen as a key part of business but are not always given the time or resource to maximise their benefits, according to the Oxfordshire Website Survey, a half year survey run by web analytics company Gloo, which provides an insight into the state of Oxfordshire businesses websites from conception of projects through to using websites as a business tool day to day.

Survey results include:

• 66% of companies don’t like their current website design.

• 46% of businesses had spent less than £500 to produce their websites, and a large proportion didn’t even didn’t like the design of the site.

• 30% of companies wouldn’t use the developer of their current site when considering their next website.

• 58% of companies felt that they were ‘up to speed with current website technologies’.

• 38% of companies never add fresh content to their websites.

Most Read

• Only 47% of companies monitor their websites for sales leads.

Chris Jones of Gloo says, “These results make me question whether business owners truly understand the value of a website. Websites are seen as a key part of business but are not always given enough time or resource support, and if less than half companies monitor their websites for sales leads, why wouldn’t a business was free sales leads? More time and knowledge are required with regard to the planning website projects and then running a website and businesses need to understand that fresh content in what ever guise news, blogs etc. is essential to the life blood of a website as a point of engaging visitors and ultimately converting them into clients.”