Can you guess the Cornish towns from the emojis?

Cornish towns & villages Emoji quiz

Cornish towns & villages Emoji quiz - Credit: Archant

Take our quiz to see if you can work out the Cornish town or village from the emojis!

How many can you guess?

How many can you guess? - Credit: Archant

If being stuck inside is getting you down - why not test your knowledge of Cornwall’s place names with an emoji quiz?

Let us know how many emoji conundrums you can decode in the comments section. We reckon only a true Cornish man or woman can get 18/20.


Cornish Town & Villages Emoji quiz - GO!


Answers below!

Answers below! - Credit: Archant



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Here are the answers, tweet us your score @CornwallLifeMag using the Twitter button below:

1. Cornwall

2. Penzance

3. mousehole

4. zennor

5. falmouth

6. Penwethers

7. Green bottom

8. come-to-good

9. Bugle

10. Grampound road

11. Redruth

12. Tresamble

13. Crowntown

14. Kehelland

15. St erth

16. Foxhole

17. Badgers cross

18. Camborne

19. Black water

20. Wooley


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