Cosmetic surgery claims increase in the UK

Cosmetic surgery claims increase in the UK

Cosmetic surgery claims increase in the UK - Credit: Archant

Cosmetic Negligence Law helps victims of cosmetic negligence claim the compensation they deserve.

Caroline Marchbank-Caunce and Susan Ayre

Caroline Marchbank-Caunce and Susan Ayre - Credit: Archant

Founders Caroline Marchbank-Caunce and Susan Ayre have been practicing for over 20 years, and have extensive experience in personal injury claims and cosmetic surgery claims.

If you are suffering or have been injured as a result of cosmetic surgery, Cosmetic Negligence Law can help you make a claim for compensation. We are a team of experienced personal injury lawyers who specialise in cosmetic negligence claims and dental malpractice cases, and will work with you on a “no win, no fee” basis.

We understand that making a claim can be daunting, especially when the nature of the claim is delicate or personal. Here at Cosmetic Negligence Law, we dedicate ourselves to offering a personal and discreet service that ensures the claims process is as simple and stress-free as possible for our clients. If you have suffered as a result of your cosmetic procedure, we can help you recover compensation in addition to the cost of any corrective treatment.

Helping cosmetic negligence victims for over 20 years

Since the 1990s, when cosmetic surgery first started to become popular with the British public, we have been challenging unsatisfactory practice in this field and developing a reputation for supporting the victims of negligent cosmetic procedures.

As cosmetic surgery becomes cheaper and more accessible, we are seeing higher numbers of cosmetic surgery operations being carried out every day. Sadly, with this rise in procedures, we are also seeing an increase in complications and traumatic outcomes.

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Over the past two decades, we have reclaimed many thousands of pounds in compensation for people who have encountered problems following cosmetic surgery or dentistry at the hands of a professional.

Whilst working in this area we have encountered many different problems experienced following cosmetic surgery, the most frequently seen being:

• Problems following breast augmentation/reduction/implants

• Excessive scarring following face lift together with nerve damage

• Infection following liposuction

• Asymmetry following ear reshaping

• Problems following Rhinoplasty/Nose surgery

• Problematic outcomes following implants to breasts/buttocks/chin/cheeks/calf

• Facial disfigurement following dermal fillers

While most cosmetic negligence cases are the result of a patient undergoing treatment at the hands of an unqualified practitioner, we also deal with cases where mistakes are made after the surgery itself. In cases where doctors or nurses have failed to notice the signs of infection, or have failed to sufficiently manage the infection, it may be possible to claim compensation.

Cosmetic Negligence Law is based in the North West of England, and provides a personal, professional and confidential service for those who have suffered a traumatic experience at the hands of a professional. While we handle cosmetic surgery claims across the country, we can also offer home or hospital visits to local clients who are unable to meet with us at our Preston office.

Call us for a discreet and friendly chat

Feel free to contact us at any time for free, confidential and sympathetic advice from an experienced female solicitor. If you are considering the possibility of making a claim, our team will be able to advise you on the best course of action.

Key Team Members

Caroline Marchbank-Caunce

Caroline joined the firm in 1992 and became a partner in 1998. She therefore has vast experience in dealing with personal injury work and is now the head of a serious injury team.

Over the years, Caroline has been involved in many substantial claims involving head and spinal injuries together with claims involving less serious injuries. She acts as a deputy in several cases where the Court of Protection is involved because the clients’ injuries are so severe that they cannot deal with their own financial affairs.

Caroline also specialises in claims involving negligent cosmetic surgery, an area which has seen a significant increase over recent years.

Caroline is a practitioner member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers and is fluent in both French and German. When she is not working, Caroline enjoys swimming and cycling and attending various cycle race meetings.

Susan Ayre

Susan is a qualified Solicitor and Partner at Cosmetic Negligence Law. She is a practitioner member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers and deals with personal injury claims ranging from minor injuries through to complex head and spinal matters.

Before joining the firm in 1990, Susan had a particular interest in criminal matters, spending over a decade working for the Crown Prosecution Service, dealing with minor offences through to those of a serious nature.

As well as dealing with various personal injury claims, Susan manages claims involving the Court of Protection, where clients do not have the capacity to manage their own financial matters due to the severity of their injuries. She also handles claims that are dealt with via the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, for those unfortunate clients who have been assaulted.

In Susan’s spare time she enjoys swimming and gardening.

Together with Karen Foster, her assistant, they make the process of bringing a claim, however large or small, straightforward for the clients and their families.

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