Cracking Wine champagne tasting event, Artisan, Manchester

Sarah Watkins, Davide Ponziani

Sarah Watkins, Davide Ponziani - Credit: Archant

It was an invitation that proved too good to refuse - come and taste champagne!

The Cheshire-based Cracking Wine held an exclusive tasting of the fizzy stuff at Artisan restaurant on Bridge Street, Manchester, featuring the work of four talented boutique growers. Neil Dixon, founder of Esprit de Champagne, has developed a superb portfolio of champagnes, including Jacques Chaput, David Coutelas, Bochet Lemoine.

Wine buffs and sommeliers tasted a variety of champagnes, accompanied by nibbles and enjoyed a talk by champagne maker Jack Caput of Jacques Chaput.

The host of the event was Janet Harrison of Cracking Wine who runs the Fizz Festival, which this year will be held at The Courthouse, Knutsford, on November 17-18th.