Creating a festive feel

Creat a floral arrangement this Christmas

Creat a floral arrangement this Christmas - Credit: sub

Ston Easton Park’s florists, Jude White and Elly Bane, give us some tips on creating festive centre pieces.

1 What are some of the longest lasting flowers for floral arrangements at Christmas?

If you are using foliage and furs from the garden these will hold their colour and leaves right through the festive period. We tend to use roses in our floral decorations as the colour provides a traditional Christmas feel. These should last well if you plan to make an oasis based flower arrangement, which is regularly watered. Flowers with greater longevity include carnations and chrysanthemums. Remember it is always easy to swap and change the flowers.

2 Are there any particular recommendations you could make to give a table decoration the ‘wow’ factor?

A large church style candle in the middle of a circular table decoration always brings the arrangement to life, along with using amaryllis and Ilex berries.

3 What are your colours of choice this year, what do you think will be on trend for seasonal decorations?

At Ston Easton Park we always like to use the traditional, festive red and gold. However, if you are looking to create a slightly more modern or ice and snow theme, silvers and whites work beautifully in contrast to the green foliage.

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4 What ribbons and accessories are the easiest and best to work with for floral arrangements?

It is always best to use a wired ribbon as this allows to you mould the bow into shape around your flowers and foliage. You can use non-wired ribbon for any smaller bow decorations within the arrangement. To add a change of colour and dimension to the arrangement berries, baubles, ivy and pine cones work well. You could even spray the cones with silver, gold or glitter for a touch of luxury.

5 What are the main tools and equipment required when making floral decorations?

To make your arrangement, whether it be a wreath, table decoration or fire place feature the most handy tools to have will be secateurs, a sharp pair of scissors and twine. Florists wire is useful for adding all those little extras, oasis for your base and a plastic dish to sit the oasis into.

6 How should I look after my floral arrangements to help make them last as long as possible?

If you are making an arrangement using oasis it is important that you soak the oasis beforehand. The best way to do this is to drop the oasis into water, ensure that you do not push the oasis under the water, let it soak up the water at its own pace or the water will not be absorbed properly. All you will need to do after is gently water the oasis regularly, it may also be worth spraying the arrangement with water.