DELCOR - Credit: Archant

Welcome to the bespoke world of Delcor. We hope to be able to give you a flavour of what we do and how Delcor’s unique levels of British craftsmanship and design give you the flexibility to define the size and style of your sofa or armchair, exactly how you want it.

We have a highly-skilled team of craftsmen and women who share our ambition to make beautiful upholstery. Using specialist skills perfected over generations, and of course, the finest materials, their dedication and experience ensure that they are proud to put their own names to every Delcor sofa and chair that leaves our workshops.


We draw our design inspiration from the best of Classical furniture and the very latest contemporary styles. And at our stunning showrooms around the country, our design consultants can help you bring your dreams to life in our ‘Inspiration Studios’.


Our sofas and armchairs are much more than merely furniture. They are an expression of our customers’ individuality. We know that ‘one size does NOT fit all’, so only Delcor offers you the infinite ability to create your very own masterpiece.


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The materials we use are the finest available anywhere in the world. We naturally take as much care with what goes inside our products as how beautiful they are on the outside; even the timber for the frames, which carry our unique ‘20 Year Guarantee’, is selected and hand-cut at our very own sawmill.


We offer an amazing selection of over 10,000 fabric and leather covers, each one chosen for its qualities of luxuriousness, comfort, durability and timeless style.

In this ‘off the peg’ world, we unashamedly don’t make products for the masses and only you will own the exact piece that you create. Your Delcor sofa will be a true ‘thoroughbred’.