basking shark, to enigmatic Dolphins, harbour porpoises, ocean sunfish, and even the killer whale will are stars of Cornwall's Seaquest Roadshow


For one week only, leading local wildlife charity Cornwall Wildlife Trust will be touring the Seaquest Southwest Roadshow’ around the county. The project will be visiting a number of major tourist locations from the 18 - 22 August, in order to bring you a host of information, games, and activities to help you learn about the fantastic marine wildlife that frequents our coasts.

“From the elusive basking shark, to enigmatic dolphins; shy harbour porpoises, to bizarre ocean sunfish, and even the occasional killer whale; we have a wealth of spectacular marine life here in Cornwall,' saysTom Horton, Volunteer Seaquest Southwest Co-ordinator for Cornwall Wildlife Trust. 'The Seaquest Roadshow is a great opportunity to come along and learn some fascinating facts about these incredible creatures.'

Throughout the week you can expect to find out where you could see these animals, learn about what they eat and how they live, and discover some of the work that is being done across the county and beyond in order to help conserve these iconic species.

'There will be activities for all ages, including the opportunity to make your own basking shark pen-pot and get up-close-and-personal with the jaws of a real Great White Shark! Our team of marine biologists and wildlife experts will also be on hand to answer all your questions, so come along and join the fun!'


Where to see it

'The Seaquest Southwest Project is a great opportunity for anyone interested in marine wildlife to help us record these wonderful species,' says Caz Waddell, Acting Marine Conservation Officer for Cornwall Wildlife Trust 'You don’t have to be a trained marine biologist to spot much of our characteristic marine life, as anyone can tell us if they see a basking shark, some dolphins, or a sunfish. By sending in your sightings we can really improve our knowledge of these creatures, and work towards their conservation and protection.'