Dorset Celebrities: compilation of celebrity quotes from the 2013 magazines

Dorset Magazine December 2013 cover

Dorset Magazine December 2013 cover - Credit: Archant

Here, we take a brief look back and compile some quotes from 2013 interviews in Dorset Magazine; their work, life, views of Dorset and much more

Abbey Burton – January 2013

The Gold medal sharpshooter had this to say on getting the shot spot on:

“It is an extremely exhilarating feeling, watching the clay explode and catching the whiff and rise of smoke as the used casings pop out of the barrel.”

Katie Adie – February 2013

The former chief news correspondent for the BBC simply loves Dorset:

“I love lumpy countryside hills and water – and unexpected views, which is what I love about Dorset.”

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Chris Chibnell – March 2013

The scriptwriter for Torchwood and Broadchurch spoke about filming in Dorset:

“I’d like it to be a love letter to this coast, to the towering sandstone cliffs and the stunning scenery and ultimately, to honour the importance of community.

Nick Mitchell – April 2013

The National Hunt trainer compares racing horses to Olympic gold medallists:

“Flats horses need to be light like Mo Farah…three-mile chasers are more like a Steve Redgrave type; they need their steak and chips.”

Celia Sawyer – May 2013

The Channel 4 presenter showed us around her Sandbanks home:

“Adding eye-catching interest to the dining room are two Jonny Sainsbury mirrors, an art mosaic of Clint Eastwood’s face and Muhammad Ali memorabilia.”

The Earl and Countess of Shaftesbury – July 2013

The couple spoke about life; especially family:

“One of the things that is often skated over is how much respect and loyalty the people on the estate had for my father. There was a huge fondness for him.”

Martin Clunes – August 2013

The actor told us about working with heavy horses:

“There is something about a heavy horse’s honesty, stoicism, size and reliability that just gets to me and it clearly does to other people.

Gilson Lewis – September 2013

The Squeeze drummer on his transition from art to music:

“Sketching and painting make me feel really focussed. It’s a meditative process. I can lose myself in a painting.”