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Siema Iqbal

Siema Iqbal - Credit: Archant

Dr. Siema Iqbal is the epitome of what we’d all love our daughters to be; someone who has set clear goals and achieved every one, with nothing more than the application of solid hard work and clear self-belief.

iema grew up in Crumpsall, the eldest child of new arrivals to the UK, seeking a better future for their children.

“I watched my parents work hard to give me every opportunity life in the UK afforded. It is their work ethic I’ve inherited, plus a strong sense of community and wanting to make life better for those around me.

“I chose to work as a GP in Crumpsall, an area of high deprivation and a diversity of ethnic minorities. It’s a difficult life for many but I feel I can empathise with their worries as I grew up there. Sometimes even the smallest intervention can make the biggest difference, and I love what I do.

“I never had any intention of doing anything else, and I actually doubt I ever will, but I am constantly curious and keen to learn, so when the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) in London organised an Aesthetics training course I felt I had to find out more. The training was fascinating, and it really hooked me in. In fact, I’m hoping to start my MSC in Medical Aesthetics next year – you can never know enough!”

Following on from her training, Siema decided to put her skills into action and set up a clinic of her own, leading her to Hale.

“People ask why I’m putting myself out into such a busy marketplace, but for me it’s actually all about choice. Naturally there are many highly technically skilled people out there offering similar treatments, but once you’re assured of your clinician’s training and ethics, then it all comes down to personality.

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“As a practising GP, I feel I have a highly attuned sense of empathy. I find it easy to connect with my clients, to have them really think about what they want to achieve and why. Understanding a client’s ideas, concerns and expectations of what the treatment will deliver are paramount.

“It’s no surprise that sometimes vanity isn’t actually at the heart of the decision to have Botox or fillers, but almost the opposite – a loss of self-esteem, crumbling self-confidence or even crippling shyness caused by a single throw-away comment.

“I saw a young girl recently, only 24, with a disproportionately thinner top lip which she had been desperate to enhance and make plumper since a very young age. She was afraid of the ‘trout pout’ look and was after a more subtle and natural result. She was reassured that as a doctor I would listen and suggest a treatment plan that was right for her. After I treated her, she sent me a message to say how thrilled she was, and that she’d bought bright coloured lip-stick for the first time! It may be sad that our looks can affect our self-esteem to such an extent, but it’s a fact of life and if you can easily address this, why not?

“One thing I won’t do though is treat people under the age of 21. I think it’s vital that young women be encouraged to take the time to really consider what they want doing and really, why. I have seen that the younger women who come to me want the very full lips and more Botox than the more mature women, who are seeking a more natural look. Botox can be used preventatively of course – the skin on your face is like a piece of paper. You crumple the paper and the first few times you can smooth it out, but keep crumpling and the lines won’t fade, but deepen and fix. Botox limits the crumpling, and so limits line development. However, as with any treatment that affects your face, tread with care!”

Siema’s personal and professional ethics ensure that she uses products by Allergan, takes the time with each client to assess their aims and outcomes of treatment, and always encourages a ‘baby steps’ approach to achieve a natural youthful result.

“This holistic approach extends to the range of treatments I offer too. Skin texture can be more of a giveaway of age than lines can, which is why I am trained to offer the Obaji Skin System. The range of products are great but my favourite has to be the Nu-Derm system used by the celebrities, a prescription only skin care system containing the active ingredients Treitinoin and Hydroquinone. The results are marvellous!”

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