Escape to Holker Estate Holiday Parks


Courtyard - Credit: Archant

Looking to invest in a holiday home? Try historic Holker Estate in Cumbria. Escape the city with a holiday caravan near the breathtaking hills of the Lake District.

Old Park Wood

Old Park Wood - Credit: Archant

It’s easy to take for granted how fantastically diverse and convenient our country is. In the United States or Australia, a trip from north to south takes days. If you drive it you’re mad. If you take the train you’re slightly less mad, but people still give you funny looks. Here in the United Kingdom, you can ride the train from London all the way to beautiful Cumbria in just a few hours.

If you’re looking for a holiday home to treasure, you can’t do much better than choosing one in the Lake District. Escape the city to your very own caravan on the Holker Estate, and you’ll have everything you need.


Longlands - Credit: Archant

Holker Estate occupies approximately 17,000-acres of exquisite South Cumbria countryside and its stately home Holker Hall has been the home of the Cavendish family since the 18th century.

The entire Estate is a thriving hive of industry and attraction. As well as the caravans at the Holker Estate Holiday Parks, it encompasses woodland, conservation areas, a Racecourse and various agricultural farms and grazings. Holker Hall’s award winning gardens play host to an exciting calendar of events and festivals annually, and for Holker Holiday Park residents, access to the Hall and Gardens is completely free.

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool - Credit: Archant

If you’re a foodie, the newly opened Ilex Bar & Brasserie is a treat. Found in The Courtyard at Holker Hall it serves up a delicious seasonal, locally sourced menu. Here you can also browse the Food Hall and pick up fresh ingredients straight from the Estate itself- from the famous Saltmarsh Lamb to sumptuous cheeses and even locally brewed ales!

You can choose your holiday caravan from two attractive locations within the Estate- Old Park Wood and Longlands. Both offer peaceful tranquillity and gorgeous views of the Cumbrian countryside. Old Park Wood is ideally situated in the heart of the South Lakes, just a stone’s throw from Holker Hall itself - perfect for exploring the Lake District itself, and Longlands overlooks the expansive Duddon Sands and Westerncoastline.

The Ilex

The Ilex - Credit: Archant

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The parks are bestowed with a strong sense of community. So beloved are the caravans, families regularly pass them on to the next generation, and the resulting familiar faces give the parks a real village feel.

The parks’ access to the Lake District means keen walkers, cyclists, artists, and families are never wanting for new paths to explore, or panoramas to photograph or paint. You can hunt, stalk or fish. There’s even an annual Chilli Festival for those die-hard spice lovers to enjoy!

Cartmel Races

Cartmel Races - Credit: Archant

For visitors not wanting to stray too far from the parks themselves, both Old Park Wood and Longlands’ caravan parks have their very own heated swimming pools, children’s play areas and wi-fi.

Whether your idea of escaping the city involves marvelling at local history, getting your blood pumping in the hills or just unwinding with a book, Holker Estate Holiday Parks are the ideal home away from home.

Holker Hall

Holker Hall - Credit: Archant

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