Ester Dee on family and fun times

Ester Dee

Ester Dee - Credit: Archant

Ester knows how to party, but always puts family first.

Love makes the world go round...

This time of year is always emotional and a time of deep reflection for me. Around this time three years ago, I was relaxing in Prague with my Nanna. Looking at photos of us together during that time makes me so grateful that I had very a close bond with such an amazing woman. Sadly, I have no more chances to spend time with my Nanna, so I encourage you to tell your loved ones just how much they mean to you.

As you all know, I’ve tapped into my spiritual side over the past few months and I keep finding white feathers everywhere. I know it’s a message from my Nanna reminding me to keep faith and always remain true to myself.

I’m still super-busy filming RHOC and this month is jam-packed with more laughter, magic and of course… madness! Remember that life is a funny, beautiful thing… so live it and love it!

Ain’t no party like a Cheshire party…

As we all know, no one quite throws a party the way we do in Cheshire! Nothing is too OTT for us. Who remembers my bikini launch party where I arrived in a white carriage drawn by white horses and sat on a lavish throne held high in the air by handsome male models? Yes, nothing is too extreme for us and the bigger and the crazier, the better!

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I recently attended a flamboyant Gay Pride party hosted by one of the girls. We strutted our stuff in our eccentric outfits and it was a truly spectacular affair – a colour and sparkles overload!

Wearing the funkiest silver disco pants you’ve ever seen, I was having lots and lots of fun grooving but at the same time, it meant a lot that I was also raising awareness of LGBT issues. I stand for equal rights for everyone and I send all my support to the LGBT community. You are doing us proud!

Recommended reading

Recommended reading - Credit: Archant

Girl power at bedtime…

Each night, my little girl loves me to read to her and it’s the highlight of my entire day.

Sure, we all enjoy reading Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty from time to time, but the book that my daughter loves at the moment is Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls. Even though she’s only 3 years old, this book grasps her attention like no other and I’m a big fan too!

This book tells the true stories of the greatest women in history, from queens to superstars. It makes perfect bedtime reading and sends my little princess off to sleep with positive messages from women all over the world.

I am giving her the “girl power” inspiration each night and teaching her from a very young age that she can be whoever she wants to be!

Ester xx