Ester Dee on jumpsuits and going make-up free

Pink power!

Pink power! - Credit: Archant

Ester Dee...pretty in pink!

Mini me turns three…

My gorgeous little princess celebrated her third birthday this summer and of course she was super spoiled by her mummy! Luckily the sun was shining on her special day and it was lovely that so many people sent her birthday wishes.

I can’t believe how quickly she is growing up and how much she has changed my entire life these last three years. There’s a saying close to all mothers’ hearts: “You can’t imagine your life with kids until you have them, then you can’t imagine your life without them.’’ She’s the cutest bundle of fun and each birthday makes me realise how precious time is... if only she could stay my mini me forever!

Summer lovin’ in Cheshire

There’s nothing more fabulous than strolling around in the sun wearing pretty summery pieces and that’s what I’m doing throughout Cheshire’s heatwave!

Jumpsuits are an all time favourite of mine and this floral jumpsuit is from Pretty Little Thing. I’m especially loving the bamboo bag trend this season and the one you’ll see me carrying around is from Outdazl - it’s so cute and unique!

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Let’s fight cancer together...

I had an incredible experience taking part in Race For Life with all my fellow RHOC gals.

In our bright pink jumpsuits and tutus, we looked like we were en route to an 80’s disco but actually we were about to embark on the biggest, muddiest race in the whole of Cheshire and beyond! I’ve never been so muddy in my entire life but knowing it was all for charity was totally worth it - I can do anything in a heartbeat for an amazing cause. Ladies, let’s all stand strong and fight cancer together. Who’s joining me at next year’s race?

Barefaced and beautiful...

Everyone keeps telling me my skin has this wonderful rosy glow and asking me how to get it - so I’ve decided to share my secret with you!

You may be surprised to hear that it’s not a new skincare product I’ve been using, in fact quite the opposite! I made a conscious decision to take care better care of my skin and that meant more ‘au naturelle’ days. Going make-up free for two days a week allows healthy skin cells to regenerate and reduces the risk of fine lines forming. It may be difficult initially if you’re used to wearing make-up every day (it was for me!) but let me tell you - it’s completely worth it.

It doesn’t just make my life incredibly easier in the mornings (the amount of time I save is unreal) but now I also naturally have a more youthful and glowing complexion.

Be yourself and love yourself, girlies... I dare you all to try it out and see the difference!

Love, Ester xxx