Ester Dee on loving life, loving Cheshire and loving yourself

With my perfect princess Pearl

With my perfect princess Pearl - Credit: Archant

This month’s round-up by the Real Housewives of Cheshire star

Time really does have wings…

Is it really October already? 2018 has been one of the fastest years I’ve ever experienced. They always say time flies when you’re having fun and this year has certainly been one of the most fabulous years of my life! The moment you allow your old skin to shed, the beauty underneath can reveal itself and you can really start living! With my princess Pearl by my side, there’s nothing that can stop us and everything I do, I do for her.

A taste of farm life….

Last month, the RHOC girls and I took a trip to the countryside to get a taste of life on the farm! It was a million miles away from my usual Cheshire life, but we totally loved it. I always feel this overwhelming sense of peace and serenity when I’m in the outdoors and I realised how much I admire and respect horses. The spirit of the horse symbolises personal drive, passion and appetite for freedom and among all the animals, it’s the one that carries a strong motivation through life. I will definitely be making more time to go horse riding, my little girl loved it!

A diva wears purple…

Here’s me rocking one of my favourite colours at the moment. Purple is the colour of ambition and that’s certainly how I’m feeling at the moment! I love wearing dresses from Diva Catwalk. A true diva wears purple!

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Be a proud woman with me…

I always tell myself: “There’s no corners to my body, I am round, round, round.” I’ve learnt to not only be comfortable in my skin but to embrace being curvy. Believe it or not, many people made fun of my size and called me names when I was back in school. We cannot define a person by the shape of their body and no one should be allowed to judge others that way. The female body is simply beautiful, no matter the size or shape and it’s important we learn to love the skin we are in. I wish women would be proud of their bodies and not bring other women down for being proud!

The future is now…

I recently celebrated my 15-year anniversary since starting my life in the UK! Thank you to the people who gave me a chance to live the life I love and welcoming me into this country so warmly. I’ve made a home here and met so many wonderful people over the years.

I’m especially grateful for my RHOC girls… there are friends, but this is family.

Love, Ester xxx