Ester Dee on toy cars and trips to the zoo

Ester Dee - TM Media

Ester Dee - TM Media - Credit: Archant

Ester Dee shows us just how to juggle the busiest of lives.

Like mother like daughter…

Move over Barbie dolls and playhouses, my little girl is too busy driving sports cars! I bought this Flying Gadget electric toy car for her and she absolutely loves it! It’s by far her favourite activity. It makes me smile when I was watch her playing in it because she is such a mini me! She takes after me and drives just like me… crazy!

Partying with Keith Lemon at the TRIC Awards...

I was so excited to attend the TRIC awards with my RHOC girls. They took place at London’s Grosvenor house in Park Lane and, of course, there were famous faces everywhere we looked! Although we didn’t win, it was a pleasure to be nominated for Best Reality programme. As you may know, I think Keith Lemon is the biggest legend on TV and I was lucky enough to meet him at the ITV Gala last year. It was a delight to meet him once again; he is even funnier in real life and kept me laughing all night.

Chester Zoo adventures...

Now that the days are longer and we have gorgeous glimpses of sunshine, I’ve been able to do more outdoor activities with my daughter. The other day I took her to Chester Zoo. She absolutely loved it! Travelling with a toddler is never easy, so as it’s conveniently located, it was the perfect day trip for us and the zoo itself is very pram friendly. I was a little worried my daughter wouldn’t be interested in the animals as she’s so young but she was super enthusiastic and we had fun mimicking the noises of each animal. She particularly loved the elephants, bears and lions!

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Ester Dee… the busy, busy bee!

We all get those weeks where time flies so fast, we seem to have a never-ending to-do list and not enough hours in the day to get things done. I’ve lost count of the amount of press days, photoshoots and events I’ve had recently, all in amongst taking care of my daughter and of course, filming for the show. I absolutely love what I do and wouldn’t change it for the world but to say I’ve been rushed off my feet is an understatement - a feeling I’m sure all busy women and mothers can relate to! My top tips for coping in those busy periods is to get up earlier and remember to make time for yourself. Forcing yourself out of bed before your alarm doesn’t seem very inviting I know, but I’ve found that on the days I do, it starts my day with a sense of accomplishment. Giving yourself even an extra 30 minutes to get ahead of the game is a great feeling and my day always turns out to be super productive and positive!

Eating the right food, getting enough sleep and making time for exercise are things that I have to stay on top of in order to feel good about myself. Don’t let a busy lifestyle throw you off track! YOU are the most important thing and everything else can wait, that’s my motto!

Love Ester xoxo