Explore the amazing Torquay

The big wheel at Torquay has amazing views

The big wheel at Torquay has amazing views - Credit: Archant

Daisy Aylott-Loader explores the life of Torquay as well as her own experiences in the town

Daisy Aylott-Loader

Daisy Aylott-Loader - Credit: Archant

Torquay is a brilliant place for residents and visitors and is a lovely place to grow up in. In Torquay there is a variety of fun things to do like swimming, going to watch Torquay United (at Plainmoor) or going on the enormous big wheel to look at the amazing views of the bay.

One thing that I really relish doing is going to watch Torquay United at their ground Plainmoor. On Saturdays, me and my dad go there and watch them play.

My first memory at Plainmoor was when I went to watch them, when I was six, for the first time and they won! On my birthday, I regularly get a programme. I don’t normally get one because they are too much money at £3. Every home game we sit in the family stand.

My dad always goes and gets a beer, it is really annoying because I have to wait for him! While my dad gets a beer, I watch the players train on the pitch, before the match starts. There are copious people there cheering and watching Torquay United.

Gillbert is the team mascot, he is a gull and always walks on the pitch, wearing their yellow and white kit. When they win we are happy but when they lose we are miserable. Torquay Boys Grammar School is where I play football on Saturday mornings. My dad takes me there and drops me off. It is really fun, I score lots of goals! Sometimes, me and my dad go to the park and play football.

The big wheel is great because there are amazing views, you can see the harbour down below. When I was up on the top it was so scary because it was my first time, I was nervous! The harbour is a beautiful place for residents and visitors to look at. There are many different boats and ferries there.

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The One World Café is so cool their food and drinks are mouth-watering. It is a really beautiful place full of decorations and there is cool music, it is my favourite café. The land train is a big red train that takes people around Torquay. I remember when I was little, I went on the land train with my dad but it was slow and the seats are so uncomfortable! Ansteys Cove is a little beach with a café and rock pools. You can go crabbing, fishing, canoeing and kayaking. At the café you can get chips or ice cream. All of these places make Torquay a great place to be young in.