Fantastic Phobias: Face your Fears


- Credit: Archant

An aquarium in North Somerset has recently seen an invasion of rodents, insects and slimy intruders. But these aren’t unwelcome guests; these are part of a new exhibit challenging guests to face their fears and get up close and personal with ‘Fantastic Phobias’.

SeaQuarium in Weston-super-Mare will be playing host to a selection of creatures this spring who, in the past, have had a bad reputation for giving people a fright, such as cockroaches and locusts.

SeaQuariums Learning Supervisor, Anne Pearce, said, “Phobias are more than mere fears, for some they can affect daily lives; for others it may be an inherited fear of spiders or an ‘old wives tale’ based on superstition.

Anne continued, “Whatever your pet hate in the ‘creepy crawly’ department, our staff plan to allay any tales and fears by highlighting some of the more interesting facts about a few of our less-than-popular little creatures. It is thought that rats can predict when a boat is about to sink, when it’s simply the touch of seawater on their fur that makes them scurry away. This has been interpreted as an act based on sixth sense, which of course, is merely a myth. So, we will be daring any arachnophobe, musophobe or even ophidiophobe to pop along to the centre and test their mettle”.

‘Fantastic Phobias’ and the ‘Out of the Blue’ jellyfish exhibit that opened in 2013, along with a new seasonal events calendar, marks the start of a planned revamp of the centre that has been sited on the sea front in Weston-super-Mare since 1995.

“Fantastic Phobias” is open throughout the Easter holidays onwards and is incorporated in the standard admission charge of £8.50 for adults, £6.50 for children and £7.50 for concessions.

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