First fawn of the season spotted at Dyrham Park

Fawn asleep at Dyrham Park / Photo: Beth Taylor

Fawn asleep at Dyrham Park / Photo: Beth Taylor - Credit: Archant

Dyrham Park in South Gloucestershire has welcomed its first fawn of the season, along with a range of new wildlife, including some baby owls.

Fawn / Photo: Matt Baker

Fawn / Photo: Matt Baker - Credit: Archant

The National Trust property comprises an ancient deer park with almost 200 fallow deer, as well as formal gardens, wildflower meadows, perry orchard and a 17th century mansion house and is the perfect environment for a range of creatures.

The eagle-eyed rangers recently spotted the fawn in the 220 acre National Trust parkland, in which the deer graze, as they carried out their duties. Since then, visitors have been reporting sightings across the park. Dyrham Park welcomes over 50 new fawns to the family each year.

Dyrham Park Ranger, Matt Baker, says: “If you keep your eyes peeled at the moment you may see a fawn snuggled into the grass (or stinging nettles!), some baby owls learning to fly or little tadpoles in the pond. It’s a brilliant time to visit Dyrham Park. If you are lucky enough to spot a fawn, it’s important you leave it alone, as its mother will not be far away and will be very protective.

“There are some great opportunities for youngsters to tick some things off their 50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾ list, such as bug hunting, deer tracking and pond dipping!”

Alongside new fawns, the National Trust property is currently home to a baby tawny owl and five baby barn owls, which are making use of the custom-made owl boxes and new posts put in to help the fledglings learn to fly.

Dyrham Park, situated just off the M4 junction 18, is open daily from 10am-5pm, further information, including admission prices and details of other events, are available at:

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