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Lipo-Ice by Kelly

Lipo-Ice by Kelly - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Fight the fat with a new technology that celebrities are using that FREEZES fat cells! Harley Street trained Kelly Shaw has brought Lipo-Ice to Derbyshire. We asked her about it.

Lipo-Ice by Kelly - Before and After

Lipo-Ice by Kelly - Before and After - Credit: Archant

What is LIPO-ICE?

LIPO-ICE uses the latest Technology in fat reduction. This is a new and non-invasive technique which has been developed using LoveLite™ Ice technology, providing the solution whilst eliminating the risks associated with any surgical procedure. By comparison to invasive surgical procedures, the 45 minute LipoGlaze™ procedure freezes fat cells in hard to shift areas, eradicating up to 33% of fatty tissue in one treatment. Sensation is minimal and the fat cells naturally waste away leaving a more toned body!

What are your business hopes?

As a Harley Street, trained technician my main aim for this business is to let people know that this treatment is available in Derbyshire and not confined to Harley Street, as it has been until recently. It has been a celebrity secret until 12 months ago, in which it has revolutionised the Aesthetic Beauty Industry and is the ‘Celebrity must have’

treatment of the decade!

What plans do you have to develop your business?

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I have already been successfully advertising locally and turned a lot of clients confidence around with their success stories, so the development of my business is already in place by now advertising further a field in Derbyshire Life.

What sets your business apart from your competitors?

I have a medical background in Diagnostic radiography and specialise in PET/CT, which is the latest cancer scanning technology, this experience enables me to really understand and believe in how this technology can physically work and the science behind its research and really believe in its success. It also enables me to provide my clients with a lot more than just the treatment and am able to use my experience in the medical field to really understand client’s needs and expectations.

Who are your customers?

This treatment can be aimed at any individual who needs a little assistance in removing fatty deposits. This can range from an individual who is not overweight but has a few stubborn fatty areas that diet and exercise alone cannot target, to on the other end of

the scale an individual who recognises they are overweight but struggles to reduce their body fat and wants some assistance. It is also excellent for that infamous baby bulge and the embarrassing man boobs (moobs).

What is your business mantra?

I always aim to help a person get back the confidence that has been destroyed by body image. This in itself gives me great satisfaction.

Please give us your tips for success

All clients are guaranteed a friendly, professional and informative experience. I always endeavour to please clients whilst being honest at the same time and will immediately feel at ease and relaxed about something very sensitive to a lot of people. The success is in the results themselves which I have seen some amazing results! Including on myself!

Case Study

Female in early 40’s struggled to reduce fat around tummy. Weight gain from 2 pregnancies, very stubborn to reduce.

Before measurements: tummy ............................ 116cm

12 weeks after initial treatment: tummy ............ 107cm

9cm reduction reduced clients dress size enabling her to fit in dresses she hasn’t fitted in for years!

To book a treatment with a Harley Street trained Technician contact Kelly: 07879 071988

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