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Spas offer hydrotherapy benefits that are ideal for easing aches and pains

Spas offer hydrotherapy benefits that are ideal for easing aches and pains - Credit: Archant

GC Spas and Sauna is part of a family firm who have been selling spas, or hot tubs as they are sometimes known, from Barnstaple in North Devon for over 30 years.

Spas can transform your garden into a relaxing space

Spas can transform your garden into a relaxing space - Credit: Archant

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If you have ever soaked in a hot tub, you never forget just how delightfully relaxing it feels. If you have never tried it, the sensation is difficult to imagine.

The modern hot tub has been around since the early 70s but the idea of hydrotherapy – using water to ease pain and improve health – can be traced back to the time of the Romans.

Since 1979, Sundance Spas has been designing, developing and refining their range of hot tubs in order to give the best possible hydrotherapy; to be as efficient and reliable as possible and to provide relaxation for you, your family and friends. This is the range of hot tubs that GC Spas and Sauna offer at their new Barnstaple showroom.

We believe that there are very few better investments that you can make in your family’s health, relaxation and well-being or as a focus of entertainment and spending quality time together.

The whole family will enjoying using a spa

The whole family will enjoying using a spa - Credit: Archant

We’ve put together a short list of the questions that people most often ask us about spas and hot tubs.

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What will a spa or hot tub cost to run?

This is something that everyone wants to know but, of course, the answer is affected by such a wide range of things.

A bigger spa will cost more to run than a small one. A spa that is used a lot will use more energy than one that isn’t; a spa with it’s cover on, the thermostat set to simply maintain the temperature and the pumps not running uses very little energy indeed.

The design and construction of the spa itself will make a huge difference.

Sundance spas have highly efficient pumps and heaters and, being full foam insulated, are one of the most energy efficient spas on the market. Sundance spa covers are also highly effective in reducing heat loss when the spa isn’t in use.

All spas will need some chemicals to keep the water clean and sparkling but Sundance’s CLEARRAY UV treatment system means that they use much less than most.

Where can I put a spa or hot tub?

A spa can be installed indoor, outdoors or outside but under some sort of awning or gazebo.

There are advantages to each location and the decision usually comes down to practicalities as much as personal choice.

The first practicality is dependant on the size of spa you choose. Spas are formed from one solid acrylic shell and so are no smaller when they are delivered then when they are finally installed so access is an important consideration whether that is to an indoor spot or an outdoor site.

Spas, when full of water are heavy. Indoors they will almost certainly need to be on the ground floor. For an outdoor spa you will need and solid and level foundation.

An indoor spa will produce a fair amount of water vapour, so ventilation must be adequate to prevent problems with damp and condensation. Most indoor spas are in poolrooms or a garden room.

If you are looking to install a spa in your garden or on a patio, the site needs to be at least 10’ from any overhead power lines. A sheltered spot is best, not too far from the house and if the site has a good view, that will make enjoying your spa all the better.

What are the health benefits of a spa?

The hydrotherapy that a spa provides is fantastic at easing aches and pains, at reducing tension and stress and promoting a good night’s sleep.

Soaking in a hot tub can reduce the risks of high blood pressure. The warmth, massage and support that the water gives to joints and limbs can all work together to ease the symptoms of arthritis.

The warm, bubbling waters of a spa will ease the stiffness and discomfort from any sporting injuries that you might have and soaking in a spa after exercise aids muscle recovery.

Regular bathing in your own spa can help you stay active for longer. A game of tennis, a round of golf or even a few hours gardening can leave you feeling tired and with sore joints and muscles. Hydrotherapy is one of the longest trusted and most effective natural remedies you can treat yourself to.

Can I use a spa all year around?

The simple answer to that is, yes, of course.

Here in North Devon we are blessed with fairly mild winters but in parts of North America and Canada where spas are also popular, people will regularly bathe outdoors in sub-zero temperatures and when there is snow on the ground.

Many local spa owners think that the winter months are when they enjoy their outdoor spa the most. Bathing in the warm, bubbling water, watching the steam rise around you, relaxing in a hot tub at the end of a cold, hard day is a truly fantastic feeling and one that is easy to get in the habit of regularly enjoying.

Running and servicing a spa; how much effort does it take?

Your own spa is actually very easy to look after. Just a few minutes a day will make sure that it’s perfect and ready to use whenever you want to go for a soak. The secret is to have a regular routine.

Test the water each day for bromine and PH levels; that’s as simple as dipping a test strip in the water.

Once a week you should add a little bromine to the water; this is called ‘shocking’. Because Sundance Spas all have a UV water treatment system, they need less chemicals than a regular spa.

Once a month you will need to clean the filter cartridge and balance the water, which means doing a few simple tests and adding the appropriate chemicals. It sounds more difficult than it is but we can either show you all that you need to do or you can have a service contract with us and we’ll look after your spa for you.

What more do I need to know?

There are as many reasons for buying a spa as there are people who buy them.

Your spa, where you want to put it, how you want to use it and what benefits you want from owning it, is as individual as you are.

So come and talk to us. We are in Barnstaple on the Roundswell Commercial Park and our staff will be happy to answer your questions and advise you on the particular spa that will suit you best.

Or, if you want to know a little more about us first, take a look at our website: www.gcspas.co.uk