Hair to complement your body

The perfect hairstyle should complement your body shape.

The perfect hairstyle should complement your body shape. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

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Optical illusion

Optical illusion - Credit: Archant

You might not like hearing this, but yes – I do look at your body when you walk to the styling chair and when you are seated. This is for one reason only: your hair has a dramatic impact on the way your whole body looks. The perfect hairstyle for you should complement your body shape. Believe it or not, a style that is amazing on someone else can make you look 6 inches shorter and 30 pounds heavier.

The “Classic Bob” hairstyle loved by so many is a good example: In the stylist’s effort to minimise the severity of the angle, they often make the cut parallel to the jowl instead of the jaw, which accentuates a double chin. On the other hand, the right haircut can make you look taller or more petite, make your shoulders look narrower or wider, reduce your neck length or give you one, balance a big bum or give you curves you never thought you had.


This is, of course, is great news for those of us trying to lose a bit of weight. One of our Comber’s stylists has recently been on a well-known weight loss programme and she said, “the most exciting thing that I have experienced for myself and have been able to help others with is that the right hairstyle and colour helps to make us look slimmer. Unfortunately, the hairstyle we are hanging on to often does the opposite.” When we don’t feel great about our appearance for whatever reason, we tend to try to hide. We hide behind shapeless clothes in harsh colours like solid black and we also hide behind our hair. This illusion sometimes works for us and we feel more comfortable facing the world. But generally, we aren’t fooling anyone else.


The good news is that there is a different kind of illusion that does work: An optical one. Have a look at the two diagrams above. Can you believe that the centre cirlces of both are exactly the same size? In the same way, hair that is too long can hide the neck and mould the larger frame and the hair together. Or if the hair is too short, it can make the roundness of a face the dominant feature. But with the right balance, the reverse is also true. Put the weight and height of the hair in the right place, add a little accentuation to the cheek bones and suddenly we have a more confident face and soul. Of course, a haircut cannot make you lose weight (unless you’re Rapunzel), but the illusion created with the right haircut can make a huge difference.

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All of this is equally important for those who are simply unhappy with their body shape and to those who are already actively trying to lose weight. A flattering haircut that boosts your self-confidence might be just the inspiration you need to start cutting back on the carbs and join the gym. Changing your hairstyle to show off the progress you’ve made will help motivate you to keep at it. A hair cut and colour designed for you and your body shape is the kind of boost that can make you feel ready to take on the world. So instead of using your hair as a mask, let it show off your best features. More than one of the Combers stylists (including myself) have been in exactly the position you may be in and we would love to help.

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