Handcross Park School

Handcross Park School

Handcross Park School - Credit: Archant

Handcross Park is a day and boarding school for boys and girls from ages 2 to 13.

Believing emphatically that traditional values are at the core of a strong, modern education, we provide a broad and innovative curriculum with a school ethos built upon kindness.


Caring and committed teachers, outstanding facilities, beautiful grounds and a focus on the individual, all result in children getting the best possible start to their education at Handcross Park. Our excellent Common Entrance record and outstanding scholarship results are testament to the high quality of teaching we provide.


Children at Handcross Park are taught the benefits of hard work, good manners, pride in their appearance, sportsmanship, mutual respect and kindness. Not only do they enjoy rising to the challenge, we also see these values having a positive effect on their individual and academic development.


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