Hanna Miraftab on her wedding day and honeymoon

Leaving the cathedral

Leaving the cathedral - Credit: Archant

Real Housewife Hanna had a day of two weddings and a two centre honeymoon with a difference

As many of you know Martin and I got married in September. It was an absolutely magical day that we will treasure in our memories forever.

The night before we both stayed at the Titanic Hotel in Liverpool (separately, obviously!) and I was surrounded by my family and friends. I couldn't sleep that night, I was so excited and nervous. It was a real mixture of emotions, it was finally happening! All the months of planning and preparation and tomorrow was THE day!

In the morning we got up at 6am and the team from Artisté arrived for hair and makeup. The music was on, Champagne was flowing and there was a buzz in the bridal suite. The bridesmaids looked stunning in their Forever Unique dresses, and once we were all finally ready my dad came to collect me.

Emotions were running high as dad and I arrived at Liverpool Cathedral. The bells started ringing and it all felt so real.

I will never forget how I felt walking down the aisle. My hand was shaking in dad's, and I was on cloud nine. The minute I saw Martin he looked back at me, beaming. I have genuinely never felt happier in my whole life. He whispered to me 'you look amazing.'

Once the ceremony was over all of the guests were then taken to the Palm House in Sefton Park for a Persian ceremony, in keeping with my own heritage. This consisted of Sofreh Aghd, the traditional wedding spread consisting of symbolic items that the bride and groom sit in front of whilst the vows are said, and the "raghse Chagoo", the knife dance. Before cutting the cake each bridesmaid dances with the knife, pretending to give it to the groom, once all bridesmaids have danced with it the groom finally manages to get it off them to cut the cake, it was fabulous!

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During the meal we had singing waiters, which were amazing and got everyone up dancing! The band was a Persian/English band that catered for both sides and kept everyone on the dance floor all night!

It really was an incredible day, and one we will never forget.

A different kind of honeymoon

For our honeymoon Martin and I decided to do something a bit different. We both felt we wanted something adventurous and something that involved us giving back. I had previously done some dental volunteering work out in Tanzania, during my university years, and knew how incredibly amazing and memorable it was. When I suggested something similar to Martin he instantly agreed and told me he'd always wanted to do something like that. We decided to go to South Africa and started our adventure in Cape Town. We then went on to a rural Zulu village called St Lucia, where we did one week of medical volunteering with an organisation called African Impact. It was an incredible and emotional week, I will never forget the amazing people we met and the patients we treated. We then had three days of safari, which was breathtaking, before finishing our trip in back in Cape Town.


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