Hanna Miraftab on the Persian New Year

Six months and counting!

Six months and counting! - Credit: Archant

RHOC Hanna Miraftab wishes us a Happy (Persian) New Year

Persian New Year

The beginning of spring also marks Norouz, Persian New Year, an event that myself and my family have always celebrated. This year, Martin and I are heading to an exclusive ball at the Grosvenor Hotel in London with all of my Persian family. It’s always a special time when the family comes together and especially for such a significant occasion such as Norouz.

There are many traditional customs associated with Norouz including an arrangement of seven symbolic food items, known as the Haft-sin, whose Persian names start with the letter ‘sin’ in the Persian alphabet. Other symbolic items that are typically used to accompany Haft-sin include a mirror, candles, painted eggs, a bowl of water, goldfish, coins, hyacinth, and traditional sweets. I love the fact that I’ve been able to introduce these traditions and customs to Martin, his family and our friends.

Happy Persian New Year to you all!

Wedding Countdown – Six Months

Down to less than half a year – eek!

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It’s really important to myself and Martin that we recognise both of our British and Persian cultures on our special day and I’m really enjoying reflecting both of these in various aspects of the day.

I don’t want to give too much away as I can’t wait for our guests to see what surprises we have in store, but you will definitely see elements of both our backgrounds acknowledged from the ceremony to the food we’re serving.

Great Nights Out

If you haven’t yet been to The Crystal Maze in Manchester, you really must go.

Martin, a group of friends and I visited and it was fantastic – so much fun, it was just like being in the TV programme and brought back a lot of ‘90’s memories!

I also went to ‘Nan’s Big Quiz’ in Liverpool with my clinic staff as a team bonding evening where we all dressed up as old ladies! It’s great to be able to have these nights out away from work and let our hair down – I also really appreciate the work all my team do and love being able to say thank you for their support.

Inspire and empower

March 8th was International Women’s Day and I was honoured to be invited back to my old school, Bolton School, to talk to a group of Year 8 female students about my own experiences and memories as a former pupil.

I hope that my time with them might help inspire some of the girls to make the most of the opportunities presented to them and I wish them all the best of luck as they move forward on their exciting journeys with their studies and careers.

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