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Combers hair salon, Taunton

Combers hair salon, Taunton - Credit: Archant

PROMOTIONAL FEATURE Simon Willetts of Combers hair salon, Taunton

“Of course it’s all in the cut” I hear you cry. Absolutely, but the ultimate power of a great haircut is in the knowledge of your chosen hairdresser. Sure it’s nice to catch up, share holiday stories. Your hairdresser may be ‘sweet’, but if they do not understand the ‘Principles of Hair Design’, the outcome will be a matter of chance. In a world where you don’t get anything for nothing, the bargain haircut that you think you are getting may not be such a great deal.

If I were buying a bespoke suit, the tailor would apply the principles of design to ensure that the suit not only fits, but enhances my frame and disguises what seems to be a growing number of lumps and bumps that age and gravity conspire to create. But if I buy off the shelf, I take a chance. There are rules and principles in hair design and if they are ignored or not understood you will get an off-the-shelf look that has been designed for someone else and someone else’s hair. Or even worse, a haircut that looks like it’s been done by a committee!

In a consultation at Combers the following will be considered: natural hair fall, gravity, texture, condition, growth patterns, density, head shape, and of course you. Choosing a hairstyle is the easy part. Choosing the right hairstyle and having the experience and skill to execute that haircut to suit your unique hair, face and head shape are differentiators that set Combers hair designers apart. We believe living in Somerset does not necessarily mean that you don’t value the education and time it takes for a hair designer to develop this skill or aren’t prepared to pay the correct hourly rate to experience it.

At Combers, every ladies haircut is allocated one hour – not the half-hour some salons give, or the average 45 minutes in most – because to give you a made-to-measure service, this is the time it takes. At first glance, the head shape appears round, but in fact it is a series of flat planes. If these are not accounted for, the result will be flat spots in your hair. Ever wondered why you cannot get enough height or width? Well, this is the reason. Unless you want your hairstyle to reflect the exact imperfections of your head shape, your hairdresser needs to take these planes into account and adjust the length of each section of hair and understand the following:

- Horizontal cut lines produce weight and width creating stronger shapes

- Vertical cut lines produce the illusion of length and softer shapes

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- Diagonal cut lines produce rounded or bevelled shapes designed to soften

- Elevation controls the graduation in the shape

- Straight graduation is elevation on or below horizontal 90 degrees

- Scooping graduation is elevation above horizontal 90 degrees

- Swelling graduation is elevation above horizontal 90 degrees and wrapped over the head before cutting

- Finger angle creates the volume in the shape

- Over direction creates length and weight in the opposite direction to which hair is pulled

For over 31 years, those who join and stay with us continue to dedicate themselves to learn and apply these principles with consistent attention to the planes of your head using precise sectioning, followed with helpful advice and tips on styling with correct product choice and placement. This of course may be enough to set the Combers Tribe of Salon professionals apart from the rest. However knowing what business we are in, our purpose, if you like, is what helps us to stay on track and prevents Combers hair salon from every being ‘just another hair salon’.

Our purpose is not to cut hair, or even colour hair – as good as we feel we are. Our primary purpose is to help change the way our guests feel about themselves; to evoke a feeling that allows them to like themselves more; a positive energy that they take with them and pass on. Of course, there are many ways to do this and many that do… Hairdressing is just how we do it - we love doing it and we do it on purpose.

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