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Quo Lux

Quo Lux - Credit: Archant

Promotional feature: Managing Director Stewart Barnes explains how QuoLux equips leaders with skills to lead their businesses more effectively

Stewart Barnes

Stewart Barnes - Credit: Archant

At QuoLux our mission is to develop high performance leadership to improve the productivity and profitability of businesses.

Through our leadership, strategy development, innovation and employee engagement programmes and services, we provide support to increase the growth capability and capacity of small and medium sized enterprises to increase entrepreneurship, competitiveness and the ability to innovate. We work with entrepreneurial leaders who are willing to take risks and exercise initiative, taking advantage of market opportunities by planning, organising and employing resources.

We have decades of experience of leading and working with and assisting business leaders to develop themselves and to create and implement successful business plans. We consistently find the same challenges occurring across engineering and manufacturing businesses. Customers, competitors, employees and cash are vital factors in every company, and leaders have to take a considered approach to address these factors and make the right decisions to lead and manage effectively.

Studies show that 75% of leadership is learnt, not innate, yet it’s not easy for business leaders to step back, see the bigger picture and enhance their leadership skills. LEAD is a unique integrated leadership programme that gives owners, directors and managers the time and space to take a strategic perspective.

Through our consultancy arm, STRATA has a multitude of strategic services to assist you and your board of directors, partners and management teams to devise and bring strategy into action by focusing on you, your business, your markets and your people.


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