How to tighten your tummy for Summer

Health & Fitness coach, Colin Ayliffe, at Stockton Heath

Health & Fitness coach, Colin Ayliffe, at Stockton Heath - Credit: Archant

The summer holidays are almost upon us, it’s time to get trim for the beach

Spring is in the air meaning summer is soon on its way. When the weather is warmer, we naturally wear less clothing, which shows off our body.

Many of my clients come to me complaining about their pooch belly and want it gone in time for the holidays.

They’re frustrated after endless sit-ups and hours on cardio machines without any results.

A pooch belly, or visceroptosis, is a common problem, especially among women who have given birth or had a C-Section.

When you have a pooch belly, your organs have actually dropped down from their optimal position.

The body’s natural girdle, the Transverse Abdominis (TVA) has weakened so much that it can no longer hold the internal organs.

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When woman are pregnant, the abdominal wall is stretched making the muscle long and weak.

Furthermore, a C-Section procedure cuts the abdominal wall and over time the muscle can neurologically switch off, destabilising the back and hip area.

In women, if the abdominal wall cannot support the colon, liver and stomach then it will begin to droop and put pressure on the rest of the digestive tract, uterus and bladder leading to bad period pains and even incontinence.

Although this may all sound dramatic, there is a lot that can be done to correct this dysfunction and I’ve been successful with many mothers with this complaint.

You must perform the right type of exercises. This doesn’t include sit-ups or planks. The best core conditioning exercises to tighten up the tummy are the Lower Abdominal series and Horse Stance variations.

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