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Elite Sensory Healthcare

Elite Sensory Healthcare - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Sensory Elite Healthcare are specialists in the rehabilitation of children and adults with acquired brain injury, autism and other physical issues.

Elite Sensory Healthcare

Elite Sensory Healthcare - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

At Sensory Elite HealthCare we offer three types of care packages:

• Care Pathway – Provides Personal Care, meal preparation, Companionship, Housekeeping, Shopping and Medicine Prompts. This service is for people with more complex needs who require a domiciliary care service for up to 24 hour support.

• Enablement Pathway – Provides an intensive period of support to increase your independence. This programme is time bound, outcome focused and designed to increase independence as quickly as possible. The enablement pathway measures are implemented to include a weekly planner including routine and daily activities and monitoring sheets to track and monitor progress.

Elite Sensory Healthcare

Elite Sensory Healthcare - Credit: Getty Images/Monkey Business

• Specialist Rehabilitation Pathway – We are specialists in the rehabilitation of people with Acquired Brain Injury, Autism, Paediatrics, Mental Health Conditions, Spinal Injuries and other physical issues. Our Rehabilitation Pathway is built around the aims and ambitions of our individual clients. This enables service users to leave hospitals and institutions at the earliest opportunity and undergo rehabilitation in the home they want to live in, among the communities they want to be part of. This is our ethos and is the only way to achieve sustainable rehabilitation and allow goals to be reached. We have a community based team of support workers and therapists who work alongside our rehabilitation staff teams we can utilise the programme for clients with acquired brain injury, Autism, paediatrics, mental health conditions, spinal injuries and physical impairment.

Direct payments and personal budgets are offered by your local authority to give you more flexibility over how your care and support is arranged and provided. They are given to both people with care and support needs, and also to carers.

A personal budget or direct payment will be created after an assessment by social services. If the council decides that you need any kind of support, you will receive a personal budget and can choose a direct payment instead of letting them arrange services for you.

If you aren’t able to, or don’t want to manage your own finances, it’s possible for another person to manage the direct payments on your behalf.

You can decide to use your direct payment to have a contract with an agency. If you choose to use Sensory Elite Health Care we will take on many of the employment responsibilities.

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When choosing us, you’ll need to decide what sort of service you’re looking for and the tasks you need help with. If you are able to you can top up your personal budget or direct payment to enable you to get the best care and support you or a family member requires. At Sensory Elite HealthCare we will ensure to meet your every care need and give you quality value for your money. We will offer you a free meet and greet to discuss your care needs and how Sensory Elite HealthCare can meet them. At Sensory Elite HealthCare we will ensure that the carer / carers who work with you have the skills and experience working with your specific needs and requirements. You will have the opportunity to meet with the care team prior to working with them so as you feel comfortable and are happy to work with them. We will give you consistency of a carer / carers or support workers so as to ensure that relationships are built and your care needs are met. The balance of evidence suggests that consistency of care leads to more satisfied clients and staff, reduced costs and better health outcomes.

Sensory Elite Healthcare

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