Global lockdown art project Invisible Dances comes to Dorset

Blurred movements of a dancer on a black background, representing the Invisible Dances project coming to Dorset

Blurred spectral movements of a dancer, Invisible Dances is a lockdown performance project with a twist - Credit: Ahmad Odeh / Unsplash

A global lockdown art project called Invisible Dances is coming to Dorset, witness the magic in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole from the 6th to the 10th of April

The brainchild of dancer and choreographer Elisabeth Schilling, this playful and poetic clandestine dance project is a unique and communal experience that has been held in locations all over the globe, including Taiwan, Sweden, Chile, New Zealand and Germany.

The Bournemouth based charity Pavillion Dance South West has teamed up with Schilling to bring the project to Dorset for its debut on British shores.

During the night in the BCP area, socially distanced local dancers will take to the streets, followed by their 'tracers' who are armed with chalk spray.

Through ordinary streets, markings will be made to follow these dancers' movements, and by sunrise, this will be the only trace of what happened; the chalk lines become a public memory of a dance no-one has seen.

The project aims to connect people through the colourful chalk traces left on the ground; it allows each person to imagine the dancers' movements, and no imagined performance can be the same as everyone's perception is unique.

The performance is also an invitation to encourage others to dance along the path of the invisible dancers and feel joy in these tough times.

Keep your eyes peeled for the colourful pathways around the BCP area this April.

Click to find out more about the Invisible Dances project.

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