Is Decoy the best in Devon?

Cameron talks to locals about the Decoy Park

Cameron talks to locals about the Decoy Park - Credit: Archant

Cameron Furze from Decoy Primary School in Newton Abbot toured Decoy Country Park to ask people how they rate it.

Decoy Country Park has many activities to offer such as the lake, pond-dipping, fenland and sports pitches. I have been speaking to people in the park to ask what they think about them.

The sports pitches are a lovely feature of Decoy Park because you can play sports there such as football, rugby, tag and frisbee. There are four sports pitches with goals where sometimes matches are played on Sundays.

There is a collosal space to play in, but be careful you don’t run into the goal posts! As Brandon explained: “Its very fun but it’s bumpy so be careful!”

The lake runs around the woods and you can also go canoeing, feed the ducks or just sit on the edge. If you go canoeing you can jump into the lake but watch out, it’s cold! I spoke to Sarah Atkinson who explained: “I love canoeing on the lake and feeding the ducks but the swans are vicious so watch out!”

The woods are huge with lots of rocks and roots from the trees. It is great for a cycle, walk with the dogs, or run.

Also dotted around the woods is an obstacle course that’s not easy. Jack Baker was quoted saying “the monkey bars are hard but the balance beams are slightly easier.”

Another good activity is pond dipping, it is a lovely thing for all the family “It is impossible to catch fish” said Tyler Knatman “but you do often catch bugs!” The fenland is not open to the public but you can ask the rangers to take you for a tour. When you enter you go through tall reeds and deep bogs where the girls screamed and we got muddy!

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Decoy Park is fun for kids. In the park there are slides, swings, a water park, a fireman’s pole and a zip line.

Dylan Price said “I love the park, it’s stunning.”