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JML Hardware

JML Hardware - Credit: Archant

For over twenty-five years, JML Hardware has been supplying high quality maintenance hardware for local authorities and housing associations.

Based in Wigan, we combine skill and expertise with years of experience to ensure that each and every product is produced to the highest standards, providing top quality solutions for a whole host of maintenance related issues.


We are offering a solution to the never ending problem of gas and electric meter box doors falling off or being damaged or vandalised. Our boxes will cover the existing box without the need for removing the electric or gas meters saving the client a fortune in labour costs and Utility services. JML is offering to fit a meter box to one of your properties free of charge. This will enable you to see the excellent quality of the boxes at first hand. Call Phil Leslie to take advantage of this offer. New Councils or Housing Associations only. New customers can contact us by phone, Email or via the website or e-commerce site.

We now stock a full range of galvanised pipe-protectors and pipe covers for next day delivery. These include copper pipe protectors, drainpipe protectors, rainwater pipe protectors, wire and aerial protectors and soil pipe protectors. This enables the pipes/wires to be protected and also stops would be burglars or vandals from scaling the pipe work and gaining illegal entry to properties.


We now stock a full range of cigarette bins from wall mounted to free standing ones. We sell direct but are also looking for distributors to sell our cigarette bins onto their clients.

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For more details please contact Stuart or Phil on 01942 715678, who will be able to answer any questions you may have. All our items are available to view and order in our online shop. Items include Kitchen Repair Plates Gas/Elec Meter Rep Boxes, External Cowls, Pipe Protectors, Covers and Security and Cigarette Bins.


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