Jose Cuervo offers round up of best places to celebrate National Tequila Day- 24 July 2014


Margarita - Credit: Archant

This Thursday, 24th July marks the annual National Tequila Day, a celebration of the nation’s favourite Mexican spirit.

To point you in the right direction, Jose Cuervo’s Brand Ambassador, Gabriela Moncada Peña, has shared her top tips for where to enjoy the world’s oldest tequila.

Brighton’s Sidewinder will be celebrating with tequila, Jose Cuervo cocktails and the launch of the Smokin’ Gringo Mexican kitchen with live music, piñata smashing, DJ’s, an outdoor bar and BBQ, as well as freebies and give-aways.

Gaby’s tips on how to make a perfectly balanced classic margarita:

My perfect recipe for a good margarita is good quality tequila. I recommend all our range of Jose Cuervo, you can never go wrong with that, as Jose Cuervo was the first tequila used in a margarita! Fresh lime juice, the fresher the better! Orange liqueur for a classic margarita. Good ice, and a cocktail shaker. Salt if you like (I do) and depending on your selection if you like it on the rocks or straight up!

The perfect ratio for Gaby is:

35ml Jose Cuervo Tradicional Silver (my favourite for margarita as it has a slight spicy flavour with a hint of sweet).

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1/2 lime juice (about 15/20ml).

15/20ml. Orange liqueur depending how sweet you like it.

First add all the ingredients to the shaker, then prepare the glass you are serving it in (salt &/or ice).

Then fill the shaker with ice to the top and shake hard for about 7/10 seconds.

Pour into your glass.

And that is a perfect and fresh, easy margarita.

The common mistakes when making a margarita:

People tend to keep lime juice, but after a day the taste just isn’t the same as limes oxidises super quickly. The kind of ice used can also affect a margarita as if it has any pores this will dilute the drink and make it tasteless, so the time of shaking matters!