Jump Imaging C.I.C

Jump imaging

Jump imaging - Credit: Archant

Stunning Photography & Media services- Specialising in portraiture for children with complex needs - Whilst supporting JUMP Childrens Charity.


Jump-Imaging - Credit: Archant

Who are we

A Community Interest Company providing you with Photography, Film and Media Services.


Jump-Imaging - Credit: Archant

Special Skills

Our Photographers are experienced in providing a personalised service and in particular we specialise in Photography and Film with Children and Young People and Adults who have special needs.

Our Community Interest

Our business is to both benefit our customers by delivering excellent images and also JUMP Children’s Charity, the special cause we support by donating our business profits.

Most Read

JUMP Childrens Charity works in a wide range of communities, providing Professional Photography services to capture unique memories for children and young people with life limiting health conditions.

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Ring 07837705522 to find out more about our services and offers.