Lancashire women in business: fashion and beauty

Women in Business

Women in Business - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

7 of the best Lancashire women in business to make you look and feel great

Angela and Beth Ward

Angela and Beth Ward - Credit: Archant


Owner - Angela Kays Beauty Salon, AKBrows and AKLaser

What's your best piece of business advice?

After 20 years in business the best piece of advice I can give is that the most important part of your business is your clients, this may seem obvious but the customer service and the cleanliness of your premises is equally as important as the treatment you provide. If you say you will get back to someone then make sure you do. Always go that extra mile and in return your customers will be loyal and will tell their friends. Never become complacent. Word of mouth is the best but can also be the worst marketing.

What do you love about your job?

Giving people their eyebrows back whether it's for vanity reasons, illness or due to cancer or alopecia is the most rewarding feeling. Also using my laser hair removal machine to help clients get rid of unwanted hair that is giving them low esteem is equally as rewarding for me and both treatments are life changing for clients. That is why I love my job so much.

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What keeps you focused?

It's easy to keep focused when I am so passionate about my job, even after all these years my job excites me, and I am still learning new techniques which is still something I thoroughly enjoy doing. I am very proud to have many of the same clients since I started and keeping them keeps me focused as I wouldn't want to let them down.

46 Warner Street, Accrington BB5 1HN 07813 195888

Louie, Helena and Antonella

Louie, Helena and Antonella - Credit: Archant


Co-Owners - Ruby & Daisy

What's special about your business?

We are real, relate-able women leading the way in fashion who offer a unique and personal shopping experience. Not only in store but we also emulate this in our online store and social media platforms. We actively seek feedback from our customers to ensure we can continuously improve our service. We don't profess to "know everything" and are always open to fresh ideas and suggestions.

What's your best piece of business advise?

To always think and act like a 'big business'. At Ruby and Daisy we like to act on ideas/perceived risks by testing and measuring. It is important that you work 'smarter' not harder, and to spend more time working 'on the business' to grow it rather than 'in the business'.

What do you love about your job?

Our passion is all about empowering women and making a difference to their lives. We witness our customers regain their confidence by encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone and watch them falling back in love with fashion! We have built so many lasting friendships and unique relationships with our customers from all over the world. Being surrounded by beautiful clothing, shoes and accessories everyday isn't half bad either, and of course playing dress up!

331 Burnley Road, Rossendale BB4 8LA

Toki Birch

Toki Birch - Credit: Archant


Owner - Birch Health & Wellness

What's special about your business?

Birch Health & Wellness is a holistic functional medicine and health coaching practice where we seek to find out how and why illness occurs and restore health by addressing the underlying cause(s) of disease for each individual. We work mostly with women dealing with chronic gut issues like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), autoimmune diseases, stress and pain management. We use cutting edge advanced diagnostics and personalised treatment, as well as Frequency Specific Microcurrent, Near InfraRed/ Red Light and massage therapies to boost health and wellbeing.

What do you love about your job?

I love being able to help people who have had health concerns for years, who have lost hope of recovery and have been unable to feel well despite taking lots of medications or supplements. I love helping them change and maintain their behaviours to healthier ones and see them thrive and regain their vibrancy.

How do you unwind?

Finding time to unwind with 3 children is a challenge, but when I can, I love going for walks, meditating, yoga, getting immersed in a good book, spa days, and spending time with family and friends.

New Hall House, Cuerdale Lane, Samlesbury, Preston PR5 0UY 01772 802041

Karen Woodcock

Karen Woodcock - Credit: Archant


Owner - Peter Woodcock and Co

What's special about your business?

We are a family boutique jewellery business which has been trading for 42 years in beautiful Lytham on the Fylde coast. We specialise in high end pieces for discerning clients looking for exclusive collections not normally seen on the high street. This gives us the opportunity to really talk to the client and match them with some of the most elegant jewellery in Lancashire.

What do you love about your job?

Every piece in the shop has been bought by me personally so naturally I have a love for the products. Our customers and their needs are always different and often we get to be a part of some of the most important events in their lives. No day is ever the same and we see clients from near and far coming to spend anything from £20 to £20,000!

What keeps you focused?

Keeping the legacy of the family business is extremely important for me and we have many regular customers who enjoy coming to a friendly and time served jewellery specialist. Lytham has one of the most beautiful high streets in Lancashire and is still growing. We are very proud to be a long standing member of the community here.

1a Clifton Square, Lytham FY8 5JP 01253 738 193

Cass Preston

Cass Preston - Credit: Archant


Owner - Lusso Hair & The Volume Clinic

What's special about your business?

My hair salon, Lusso Hair, has a reputation for offering first-class, city centre-style hairdressing in a welcoming environment and I've applied that same ethos to The Volume Clinic, the Ribble Valley's only dedicated clinic for hair loss treatment and replacement for men and women. The services we offer are highly innovative and our clinic is both comfortable and discreet. Our aim at The Volume Clinic is to help our clients to recapture their confidence and it's so rewarding to see their life-changing transformations.

What's your best piece of business advice?

I've been in business for almost three decades and one of the reasons for that could be my belief in treating people the way I expect to be treated. Customer and employee care is paramount. If you look after people, they will look after you in return.

What keeps you focused?

I'm driven by success and always endeavour to be the best at what I do. For me, success isn't about money; it's about taking the utmost pride in my businesses. From The Volume Clinic's handpicked, market-leading hair replacement systems to our exceptional selection of quality wigs and bespoke consultations, I pay special attention to every detail. Being a pioneer in the industry is an honour and the response I receive from clients because of this keeps me motivated.

Lusso Hair - 1 Accrington Road, Whalley BB7 9TD 01254 823 333 | | The Volume Clinic - 2 Eden Gardens, Old Langho, Blackburn BB6 8HW 07939 337129

Andrea and Beth Ward

Andrea and Beth Ward - Credit: Archant


Owners - Will & Ward

What's special about your business?

We are a mother-daughter team. Beth is in her late twenties and Andrea is early fifties so we have really considered a wide age group when buying and selecting our brand mix. We both have different strengths, Beth studied International Fashion Marketing at University which lead to her career in Fashion Buying. Andrea has many years experience in customer service, retail and styling. These strengths help us create a unique shopping experience, something that we feel is missing from the high street.

If you could go back and tell your 13-year-old self something, what would it be?

To realise it's ok to make a mistake. Make sure you laugh everyday. Don't compare yourself to others, be confident in who you are as an individual and what you like and discover that you are beautiful inside and out.

How do you unwind?

Andrea: I love to wake up and start my day with a bit of Yoga at home, it sets me up for the day and has become part of my daily routine. I also love to walk my Cavapoo Coco in Lytham, there's nothing better than fresh seaside air. Beth: Having a laugh with friends and family with good food and a few gin and tonics.

43 Clifton Street, Lytham FY8 5ER 01253 733511

Kerry Welsh

Kerry Welsh - Credit: Archant


Managing Director - Jewels May - Bespoke Jewellers

What is special about my business?

We pride ourselves on offering a friendly and relaxed shopping experience. We make time for our customers whether it's a £10 purchase or a £10,000 purchase, everyone is treated with the same consideration. Our range of jewellery is unique, most are one offs from Victorian splendour, timeless Edwardian treasures and Art Deco decadence, through to modern designs and designers. Our bespoke service means that we can design and create a piece just for you, we always say "it's not what it is, it's what it can be!".

What's your best piece of business advice?

"You can be whatever you want to be, you just have to stay focused and work hard for it." Most of all, believe in yourself, stay positive and don't let anybody talk you down. A wise businessman once told me that when people are being negative, imagine you have a glass bell jar that you place over yourself and let all those negative vibes and feelings from others just bounce off.

If you could go back and tell your 13-year-old self something, what would it be?

Go with your gut feeling and start the business sooner. I had the opportunity to do this over 30 years ago and didn't have the confidence. It took being made redundant in 2011 to finally make the commitment and I've never looked back.

Heskin Hall Shopping Village, Wood Lane, Heskin, Chorley PR7 5PA 01257 450448

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