Learn how to make a Valentine’s bouquet with Bicton College Floristry student Lucy Cole

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Final Image - Credit: Archant

If you’re going to say it with flowers on Valentine’s Day, then why not say it in a really special way by creating this beautiful bouquet for your loved one in six easy steps put together by Bicton College Floristry student LUCY COLE?

Step 1

Step 1 - Credit: Archant

Symbolising love and passion, red roses are a classic Valentine’s Day bouquet flower. Did you know that giving your special someone 12 red roses is also a sign of your gratitude? To create a stylish bouquet, follow our simple step by step instructions.

To make your Valentine’s Day bouquet you will need:

Long stemmed materials – remembering to include 12 red roses! We also used Veronica and Hypericum Berries. We added asparagus fern and eucalyptus for foliage.

Step 2

Step 2 - Credit: Archant

Step 1 – Select your materials - don’t be afraid to ask for advice, a florist is trained to help you make the best choice for your bouquet.

Step 2 - Cut the ends of the stems on a 45 degree slant and give the flowers a long drink. Remove the thorns from the roses and strip the lower foliage from the bottom half of all the stems.

Step 3

Step 3 - Credit: Archant

Step 3 - Hold one of the rose stems between the thumb and first finger just below the foliage (the binding point) and with your other hand add your choice of additional stems, placing each flower in a downward spiral at an angle. Turn the bouquet in your hand as you lay in the foliage.

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Step 4 - Continue to add flowers and foliage in a spiral, placing the roses into the design as you go. Remember to keep checking the look of the bouquet as you go. You are aiming for a gently domed shape. Finish by adding the asparagus fern.

Step 4

Step 4 - Credit: Archant

Step 5 – Secure the stems firmly at the binding point (where you have been holding the stems) using string or tape which you can cover with a decorative ribbon.

Step 6 - Present either gift wrapped or in a suitable vase. Don’t forget to attach a message!

Step 5

Step 5 - Credit: Archant

If our Valentine’s Day bouquet project has inspired you to take up a new hobby or perhaps a change of career, Bicton College has a range of part time courses available to suit a variety of interests. Learn Floristry in delightful surroundings. Bicton College offers industry approved courses starting at Level 1 and progressing to Level 5. Or try seasonal workshops and leisure courses both certificated by Bicton College or the floristry industry. Visit bicton.ac.uk for further information.

Step 6

Step 6 - Credit: Archant