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Ah, who doesn’t love a good wedding? Sadly, quite often the bride herself! It’s all to do with the weight of expectation placed upon her by family, friends and society at large. Any bride who thinks she can just dash, with her fiancé, to the nearest Registry Office and then throw a select party for her favourite people is likely to be sadly mistaken. Mums have expectations, mothers-in-law have expectations, small female relatives (and their mothers) have expectations…and let’s face it, in a world where Pinterest rules and Instagram is King, the bar is set unrealistically high for most women. The solution, be Bridechilla - learn to roll when necessary and slam down that foot when you need; after all, learning to compromise is the secret to a happy marriage, I’m told!

One lady who has shown strength in the face of adversity is Stacey Forsey, who rather than complain but do nothing about her dietary frustrations first got educated and next wrote a book to help others in her position. It’s pretty tasty too. You can win a copy on page 10.

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