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Lloyds Banking Group - Credit: Archant

Promotional feature: Lloyds Bank SME Banking is a full service commercial and retail bank that prides itself on supporting its manufacturing clients throughout the economic cycle.

Paul McKenna of Lloyds / Photo: Daniel Graves Photography (www.danielgravesphotography.com)

Paul McKenna of Lloyds / Photo: Daniel Graves Photography (www.danielgravesphotography.com) - Credit: danielgravesphotography.com

Lloyds Bank can help you with Commercial Banking solutions whether that is with Funding, with transactional payment systems, or indeed as a sounding board for any strategic plans you may have.

Lloyds Bank SME Banking provides local relationship Managers who work with clients throughout the economic cycle, building a deeper understanding of our clients requirements and within some sectors e.g. manufacturing, we offer sector specialists, trained by the Warwick Manufacturing Group. We pride ourselves on having grown our net lending to SME businesses by 5% or more in each of the last few years in a market that has been declining providing clear evidence of this through the cycle approach. As part of our “Helping Britain prosper” plan there are a number of initiatives but the most relevant is a lending commitment to continuing to deliver net lending growth of 5% in 2015 and specifically of committing an additional £1bn of lending to the whole commercial manufacturing sector each year. Locally we aspire to go beyond these levels. Within the Central England team, which encompasses Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and border counties this is represented by seven relationship managers, based in key towns, who provide both a specialist and local relationship management service supported by specialist Invoice Finance, asset finance, vehicle leasing and International Service colleagues.


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