Made in Hampshire - Alison Brook-Kelliher on a mission to bring forgotten photographs back to life


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Alison Brook-Kelliher transforms cherished pictures and turns them into works of art

Having spent 20 years in corporate PR and marketing, Alison didn’t identify her business niche until she got married a few years ago. “Photographers were trying to sell me wedding albums – of which the cheapest was £800 – but I knew it would just be put in a drawer and never looked at agains,” said Alison. “I had spent a lot of money on the photos and knew I wanted something on my wall, but couldn’t find a service that would allow me to present my photographs in a way that made an impact – and that is where it all started. Through the creation of my own wedding story, Wonderwall was born.”

Now, rather than creating campaigns for clients, Alison is able to do what she loves – creating photographic stories and bringing together moments and memories. Wonderwall turns a collection of photos of a special event, subject, or people into a story and piece of art for the home or office.

Now that so many people have cameras on their mobile phones and tablet computers, photographs often end up in a photo gallery or in a saved file. Passionate about photography, Alison believes that photographs should be seen and enjoyed, not hidden away.

“Customers can choose a Wonderwall for any event or subject,” explained Alison. “We take all formats of photographs, from slides and negatives to digital files, and then work with those images using specialist photography and design software to treat and restore them, to then create one large, fine art print.

“The service is completely personalised, and we will always ensure that the design and frames suit the customer’s home and style.”

Alison works on the designs from her home studio in Odiham before sending them off to a specialist printers and framers. The whole process takes a maximum of three weeks. They can be purchased from and Alison’s own website,

The future of Wonderwall looks bright, with Alison offering further products and services and evolving new designs.

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“I love running my own business, I can travel and take Wonderwall with me, manage a good work/life balance and be around for my son. Producing a product which can reduce people to tears is definitely the best bit of the job.”


The facts:

Length of time in business: 4 Years

Number of employees: Me, plus occasional freelance designers

Ethos: To put your life on your wall. The Wonderwall Print Company turns a collection of photos of a special event, subject, or people into a story and piece of art for the home or office.

Location: Odiham, Hampshire

Contact: 07973 943232;

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